Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wanted txtmate: making yourself be heard by just a simple click

wanderer (in facebook): doing something worthwhile: helping a cause. no to additional text tax. save your textlife, save your textmates. follow niyo na ito: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TXTm8/90402782830?ref=ts

Kabuuang-ideya sa Kumpanya:
Initially conceptualized as a paper of a law student, TXTm8 has morphed itself into an organization of sorts. Its aim is to have the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ignore the recently proposed tax on text while pushing for lower access charges. Issues and updates on the same will be made here and on the official TXTm8 website.
Increase market competition in the telecommunications industry in the Philippines. Stop the Smart-Globe duopoly by ignoring the Tax on Text and implementing Lower Access Charges.
Mga produkto:
End-goal: less than P3.00/min for inter-network voice calls, less than P0.50 per SMS. Why? Because other countries can do it, because the NTC has existing draft memorandum circulars addressing the same, and more importantly, because market competition would thrive if this situation was fact rather than fiction.

but on a serious note, in a way, something in me was awaken. i felt like for the first time again, i am completely bringing back my old self. the one who goes to rallies and mobilizations when he was in college.

ironically, i like my old self better than what i am now. i like doing something more productive than sitting on a fancy coffeeshop or restaurant and enjoying my cup of coffee. i miss the long walks, the sleepless and tiring nights doing prod works and basically crying out and making people aware of their rights.

as i recall those days, i realized how young i was back then, still innocent, naive and idealistic. and probably still believing that life is as simple as rallying or boycotting something in order to get a collective purpose. but then i realized, that despite those things, one thing i could be proud of, that i also regret losing, was i stood up for what i believed in.

thus, as simple and as realistic as that, i made this post. hoping that i regain it back and at the same time move other people too.

come to think of it, nowadays, we don't really need to tire our feet nor empty our throats off in order to voice out our concerns. it is basically just a click away in order to be heard and make other people know that we are completely aware and we are willing to make a stand.

having my point heard, its now your call, http://www.facebook.com/pages/TXTm8/90402782830?ref=ts


Dagger Deeds said...

Basta wag na lang taasan ang singil sa text messages, ok na.

Rain Darwin said...

wow modern isko. hehehe.

Mr. Komplikado said...

Kakaiba ka talaga! Hehehe =P

Mr. Scheez

DN said...

Hehehe. Di na kelangan sa lansangan pa magtuos. Pwedeng pwede na sa internet at sa blog. :D


Jinjiruks said...

cyberactivism ba hehe. oi facebook oh. mafia wars tayo!

Herbs D. said...

sumakit mata ko kakabasa sa first part hehe. i forgot may CTRL + pala :-p

wala tong epek sakin. wala naman kasi akong phone bwahhahaa

cb :: 林偉文 said...

bad trip naman. nung una, naisip ko ayus lang naman. may unli naman. pero kung i-add mo lahat ng tax sa lahat ng text na ginawa mo (na di ka nakaunli)... bad trip.

Yj said...

ako ang simula....")


Baka pati tax magka-tax na rin. tsk.tsk.

bulitas said...

lahat na lang ang taas ng tax. california ikaw ba 'to?

tutulan ang txt tax! woot!

kiel estrella said...

sali ka na sa TFP. http://taskforcepride.blogspot.com/. kailangan namin ng mga gusto ulit mag-aktibista doon!

Lawstude said...

lots of ways to be heard now. different medium but effective as well.

Ra!nE said...

joined the facebook community to show my support :)