Friday, June 5, 2009

hindi si polo ravales, kundi ako ang tunay na pengeboy!

the other day, some bedans blockmates and i made a birthday surprise for another blockmate. the party was thoughtfully memorable because aside from the "wonderful" gifts we gave, all of us also decided not to eat pork for the entire day for him since he is a muslim. and to make it more difficult and tempting, we decided to dine in in a fancy steakhouse in trinoma.

while we were pigging in with either chicken, beef and crab meat, i have realized that it was indeed a breather reminiscing the years we've been friends and how strong our bond has been, despite the fact, that we were no longer studying in the same school.

then later that night, another blockmate decided to ask me what i want to get for my upcoming birthday. basically, to save them from the effort of thinking how they would make my birthday special too. "knowing you, who likes to spoil surprises," to qoute her.

darn! it was just then that i have realized that i am already turning 24 a month from now.

seriously, its as cliche as saying mixed emotions. i remember when i graduated college and started living independently, the first thing i actually asked myself was how my life would be by the time i reach 24?

i thought, perhaps, i already have place and a car of my own, a stable relationship with someone, a profession which i dont consider as work and an accomplishment that will make myself and my family be proud of.

but so far, the only thing that i could drew out after those years is frustrations.

so i have decided to write down the things i want to get for my 24th birthday instead. pardon my superficial and materialistic self on this one, my friends! but if you are one of my ever loving and thoughtful friends, this will be very helpful for you, believe me. wink! wink!

1. a new head to feet make over get up: something i could wear for my new dream job, if i ever get one:

or a set of colored and kinky underwear but no size will be released due to personal reasons--- hahaha!

2. a new pet: a dog, either a husky or golden retriever:

or another set of cute, colorful and helpless fish to fill in my tank oozing with the scent of death.

3. a set of good pens in different colors and points
or sun's wireless internet subscription that would definitely make me stay late at night just downloading porns (whatever!).

4. a gym membership card
or a box of sugar-fat-calories-filled belgian chocolates.5. or if you are really running out of budget, perhaps world peace or a kiss in the forehead will be just perfect.

see, i am not that materialistic after all. hopefully, all my friend will be able to read this. now, i am thinking of posting into my social profiles. hmmm...


Chyng said...

ang emo lang ng #5 ha.. muntik ng world peace! :D

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i sorta remembered this switchfoot song called twenty-four. jon foreman wrote it when he was 24 and he was having his own self-evaluation moments.

i sincerely hope u get all that you want for your birthday at dahil recession ngayon...

*halik sa noo*

DN said...

Sinasabi ko na nga ba. Ikaw ang kuya ko!!!

Doc Mike said...

"That in All Things, God May Be Glorified"


Clipped Wings13 said...

advance happy birthday! I enjoy reading your post..

Doc Mike said...

Oo nga pala, adbans HAPPI BERTDEY!

Yj said...

sarap nung picture 2... ahahahaha kakadistract....

advance happy birthday ewik....

saka na yung kiss mo hihihihihi....

lucas said... you're turning 24 next month! happy birthday in advance! :)

i'm turning 23 this december and i'm quite freaking out already..ahehe!

hope lahat ng yun mareceive mo. ahehe! peace out!

period said...


lab lab

kiss na lang muna kita

la pa ako pera weh


AYOS! Walanag pork, iwas SWINE FLU!!

1. get a set of colored and kinky underwear but no size

2.get set of cute, colorful and helpless fish to fill in my tank oozing with the scent of death.

3. get a set of good pens in different colors and points

4.get a Belgian-filled-gym-choco-membership


Teka, next month din pala birthday ko. haha!


Jason said...

so, dahil 24 ka na.. iisipin mo naman siguro kung ano ka on your 27th? o 30th?

bulitas said...

Adbans hapi bertdey!

gillboard said...

bedan ka? advanced happy birthday!!!

Herbs D. said...

i'm voting for a huskie and world peace. lol. girl, hindi ka rin masyadong demanding. swear!mwahahahah

Rain Darwin said...

oi pasali ako sa magbibigay sau ng gift.

a) i'll wave for WORLD PEACE. (wearing t-back, scepter, and crown)

b) flying kiss.


Dagger Deeds said...

Wenks!!! Bati na ako agad.. Happy Birthday

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha... opo nag red lion din ako.

from fighting maroons to red lion

dapat nga ang sunbod CEU, pink scorpions para tamang color hues lang. hehehe

HOMER said...

I like DocMike's comment!

Ora et Labora na lang ako haha!!

Advance happy bday to you! :)

Anonymous said...


I have a siberian husky. You can have one of my stupid dogs. Hihi.

bampiraako said...

Happy Burpday!


That husky dog, I hope you'll get.

When ba Bday mo?

Nobe said...

#1! hehe.


kiel estrella said...


world peace na lang ako dahil tawag naman sa akin sa opisina eh mr. congeniality. hahaha