Sunday, January 25, 2009

thank you, girls

with barely an hour and half sleep, i found myself sitting inside my film class, boring myself to death, infront of my professor and his vilmanian friends, talking about no other than, vilma santos---again. big surprise, huh?!
at first i thought this would be a very interesting class since it could not be denied that one of my field of interest is film. but after noticing that the professor seemed like just using us, his class, to gratify his idolatry to his idol, i simply just lost all the enthusiasm attending it.
but hey! if there is one thing that i have i really thought about after last october, where i just woke up and thought of enrolling for masters and laid off my law studies on hiatus, that is am not going to drop any of my subjects again.
anyhow, while i was battling sleepiness and listening to the rather monotonous trivias about ate v. in the most enthusiastic and irritating tone, z, the same person who invited me to watch butas, invited me to watch another film again. this time, it was thank you, girls. i answered him that i am not sure because i am broke and i still have work that night. but he gave me a good offer that i could not resist, it will be his treat. so for a person who only have 200php until the next payday, who am i to resist?
but what i thought to be a brief walk to film institute happens to be a 100php taxi ride just to catch the last full show in robinson galerria. nonetheless, i can say that the film was worth it and a total redemption for z, who keeps on tagging me to disappointing films. i really had a good laugh on it, not to mention the story and the editing was superb.
the film was basically, a story of five gay men travelling all over mindanao, in search of and joining gay beauty pageants.
the moment i saw the poster, it immediately reminded me of pricisilla, the queen of desert by hugo weaving.
but i must say that thank you, girls, has its own distinct twist. it is well contextualized in our setting, making it very filipino. not to mention that it also shyed away from the typical indie films of gay men in the metropolic arena. it didn't pound any hardcore dramas or implied any dogmatic statements in between each scenes. it just highlighted how gay men in various labels (parlorista, pa-mhin, old fag or what have you) live their lives like anyone of us does. probably, the only difference is they opt in making it more colorful and unmindful of the things that are being thrown against them. it was a total breathe of fresh air and a moment, indeed saying, thank you, girls!


Mugen said...

I wanna watch this film too. Meron kaya sa Galleria?

Ely said...

Pinagpaguran yan ni Bebsisms. hehe

pie said...

we watched this yesterday. its a welcome change from all skin flicks maquerading as artfilms/ indie films nowadays. we rated this one 8 out of 10. its a feel good, gay, and may i say, with sense, movie! mwabuhey!!! :)

lucas said...

this TYG movie is everywhere!

Yj said...

mayaya nga lahat ng friendships kong bayot.... tsaka si NJ,baka sakaling after watching eh marealize na niyang bakla siya at sagutin na ako hahahahaha....

Denis said...

mmmm sounds "feel good"

mberenis said...


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