Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a simple day, a simple life

its either of the two, either i just got hooked about it, just like anything that i pinned my interest on; or i am just scared of the truth lurking behind those stories. but regardless of the two, i just can't control the craving that keeps on itching at the back of my head.

then, why don't you leave your presence?

same reason why i kept myself silent. i admit that up until now, despite the stuffs that i believed in and the principles i keep, there are still things that i am scared of learning. ofcourse, there is no close secret to an open mind. but i believe that everything that we have gained also underwent process, right?!

most of the time, i opt in just being a reader, an invisible and passive being watching life as it passes infront of me. i tend to put myself on their shoe and then carry the things that i have learned as i close the last page, thinking that i may need to apply it in future occasions.


but the problem with this kind of stories, is that, by the time, the stories unfold infront of me, i find it really hard to detach myself. for some reason, as i take the same path they walk, i find the road ahead of me blur. it feels so confusing, that is as if you are bared to be naked and vulnerable. then the next thing you know, fear and hopelessness are knocking you down. thus, i admire these people who are brave enough to disclose their stories--- these kinds of stories. for i may not/never (but who knows) have it on me, i must say that i envy the courage and strength they have, to pull it out to other people, for other people to know, be aware, learn and practive. regardless if other people believe otherwise.

the only time they will find acceptance is when people stop making a fuss about it and treat the virus like an ordinary flu.

ofcourse, sensationalizing and overrating an issue are as same as discrimination. one should understand that if we keep on rubbing in something the more its fire grows. it would never cease as something normal and acceptable as part of our everyday life, if we won't take it subtly. but everything has its own excemptions and i find this issue a good example of it. no one should take this subtly because it is already subtle on its own way, and i believe that it is the same reason why it has successfully proliferated into many people's lives because we keep on ignoring its presence.

and the stories that i am referring to is, all about


to be continued...


Turismoboi said...

serious post

jamie da vinci! said...

ironic don't you think that ppl find their strengths in despair and how a topic that is so taboo, even in this day and age, can spread like wild fire.

it cannot be helped to feel emotional about topics like this especially by now, we would have known someone REAL to have HIV and no longer someone simple relegated to a story. but it is good that the topic is now "out", that it is now taking grip in our society. we are finally taking responsibility by being aware.

pie said...

@ jamie - agree!

wik, i'm definitely gona read your upcoming posts on this matter.

amicus said...

some people get to have better life stories than others, and sometimes i envy them. :( the tragedy really, at least for me, is not finding the self too engrossed of other's story, but not being able to live a life because of it. even if it's HIV.

yoshke said...

yeah, how they handle it is admirable. if i were one of them, i dunno how i'd deal with it.

lucas said...

wow... nabitin ako sobra... this post is so serious that i was sitting at the edge of my seat.

as i read this, a vague idea of what this is all about formed my head... (yun kaya yun?)

i'll be waiting for the continuation.

Mugen said...

As I told you Erik, I would let them tell their story and quietly follow their warning.

I still sense fear and hesitation in the tone of your voice.

Niel Camhalla said...

I think it's a delicate topic. Care must taken so as not to further misinform the public or paint unnecessary fear in the reader's mind.