Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hike me, not

i have arrived manila by lunch time after an out of town trip from fontana in clark field, pampanga. after my friends dropped me off in philcoa, i immediately headed home and dropped off my things. then went to up diliman to follow up my pending non degree application.
yes, my colleagues, i am still on vacation for law school because i still find it quite difficult to continue the pages of my law school life in a new school starting from scratches again---no friends, new teachers, new environment, new blockmates and new studying habit. so i have decided to just finish the required english units for my curriculum.
the line was really long and there were still lots of stubborn students like me who decided to enroll on the last day of enrollment. nonetheless, i was still able to manage to keep my enrollment for a day. disheartenedly, from almost 50 sections that offered the general english courses, only two sections were available: one starts at 7 am. while the other is at 8:30. unfortunately, it went across my work shift, so it was the shedule conflict taht made me not to take it.
still optimistic, i tried looking for another general english elective. then, i saw another which was creative writing 10, that starts at 4 in the afternoon until 5:30. although i am really in doubt wheter or not this would be credited as an english unit. without any option left, i enlisted on the subject. thinking atleast i still have something to do aside from work.
the manangs in the registrar's office were kind enough to process my papers without the hassle i have previously experienced regarding public offices.

but when i assessed the fees that i am going to pay, i was surprised when i saw that it was 5,046 pesos for the 3 unit subject that i am enrolling. its about a 18 unit load that i usually pay per semester when i was in my undergraduate degree.
the lady in the counter told me that even if i have graduated on the same university since the 300% increase was already implemented across various campuses in up, i am already covered by the hike.
i was on shock that i remained speechless the entire time. i suddenly thought where was i when rallies where been mobilized regarding this issue for UP? i felt guilty thinking about the answers.
now, all i was left, was in doubt of whether or not i am still going to continue a subject that i really don't know if it would be credited for law school?
considering the pros and cons, i am really confused. please help me. i think i'll be needing divine intervention. whatever that means.


dean said...

waah! mahal! may STFAP pa ba?

wanderingcommuter said...

meron pero ang alam ko kapoag may cellphone ka...sobrang halois nagbayad ka na rin ng full tuition.
saka, i am working din kasi eh. hehehe.
sobrang nakakagulat lang na ganito kalaki.

Marocharim said...


It's called life: you pay that much for three units. You know me: I agree with the spirit of it, but in application, it sucks.

But that sudden increase is borderline ridiculous. My 3 remaining units in UP (before I walk a mudhole at the Oblation Grounds and walk it dry while waving my privates at the general direction of the Chancellor's Office) cost me P1,245, including the miscellaneous fees.

Anyway, not to burst your bubble, but CW10 - depending on how it's taught or the nature of the course - may not be credited as an English unit. Of course, you can haggle it.