Monday, November 26, 2007

fame price

everyday whenever I go to the office, I always see a long pile of people either patiently waiting or sleeping outside the audience entrance of the building. probably they've been there since the other night. making sure that they are first in line by the time the audience entrance gate opens. surprisingly, most of them are old women and children, only having a thin sheet blanket, small umbrellas and carton boxes against the discomfort of cold dusk and dead concrete pathways. there are also instances in which you could see an entire family lying flat on the concrete floors. while either of the parent is preparing a hot drink for their entire folks.

at first, I thought that poverty was the only reason that drives these people to tolerate these situations. but last saturday by an invitation of an officemate, I have found out other subtle reasons for such cases. we were invited to fill in a dry run for a local gameshow, 1vs.100. we were asked to pretend that we are the actual contestants because they are trying a new approach to develop the show. whereas, the one is required to choose 10 people from the mob and he needs to defeat them all before he could actually be given an option to choose for the money.

anyhow, I was designated at the top row. there were no other people sitting beside me that point. when two guys took over the seats. they said that they were talents and was able to get the slot after one of the coordinators of the show approached their manager. they were asked to pretend that they are college students. I didn't know that they were talents that point, so I taught they are really college students and asked from what school they were. they answered me with a pause and told me that they are actually talents not students. I felt I have offended them in a way.

nonetheless, we were able to know one another since it was almost 4 hours before the dry run started. these guys where not really from manila and came from visayas and mindanao. they went to manila to try their chance of becoming celebrities and be seen in tv. I was surprised hearing from them their struggle of making it on each of their screenings just to be waiters, passer bys, extras etc. among various shows of the network. they have mentioned that everyday, they go to the network's premise waiting for a screening or dry runs like these. its like a break for them if they were able to make it. when I asked what else do they do aside from these, they've answered none. although they've admitted that they are college graduate. I felt sad for a moment.

when for me, these are just things you do for the first time and for the experience. these people are actually doing this for living. saddening in a way, that despite a good education, they are willing to exchange it for the price of fame.

after the show, we were paid P500. I went to starbucks, bought a toffe nut frappucino, completed my sticker card and claimed my planner. when I was about to go home, I saw them waiting again outside one of the studios.

come to think of it, fame really pays. but not guaranteeing anything in return.


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