Monday, November 26, 2007

so I've made up a decision regarding applying for a non-degree course. I've decided not to take it anymore. weighing down the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing creative writing 10, a 3-unit course subject for P5,046 in up diliman.
here are my formulated lists:
1. aside from work, I still have something productive to do for the entire semester before I go back to law school.
2. it would allow me to meet my friends often. since they are studying in the same university.
1. there is no assurance that this subject will be credited as an english unit for law school.
2. the tuition fee for a single subject is way unjustifiable for a state university. this is almost my entire tuition for an 18 unit semester when I was in my undergraduate (mind you, that is just two years ago).
3. once, I've enrolled to the non-degree program, I'll be needing to reapply for cross enrollee program again by the time I am already enrolled for law school. such a hassle.
4. if I'll be needing to take an undergraduate subject, it would be a lot cheaper since I am just a cross-enrollee and not a non-degree enrollee.
5. with christmas season approaching, expenses is also about to soar. not to mention, I am needing to buy a new phone. since I am still using the old school phone that I have bought in cubao.

no regrets.

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