Monday, December 3, 2007

kabayan, batangas

last weekend, i went to kabayan, batangas with some of my officemates. despite the rumored bad weather we were still able to push through the trip. fortunately, it seemed like nature gave us a wonderful favor by making the sun peek visibly compare from the past days.
anyhow, it was almost a five hour trip, quite long than the previous trips i had before whenever we go to batangas. at the back of my head, i am thinking that probably we were lost somewhere in one of the towns of batangas as we went through to kabayan. it was already dark when we arrived in kabayan. with back and butts aches, it was still worth it when we saw the place.
as usual, after dinner we began our drinking session. surprisingly, i may say now that i already surpassed my alcholic stage. its been probably two months now, since i've last drank this much(with a stress to the word much---hahaha).

i wouldn't say that the place was a perfect paradise because it doesn't have fine white sand or clear sea water or smooth sea breeze. nonetheless, i commend its imperfection because it brings out the true hue of nature. most of the time, for our prime beaches we were often times overpowered with the scenery that all we tend to do is to appreciate it, stole a scene from it or just making a big fuzz of everything we see.

but for these kinds of beaches, where everything is not overrated. it gives us time to think clearly of ourselves and of life, of course. it gave me chance to breathe --- true life again. in which there are full of imperfections.

this was my first time to try snorkling---a must see.


dean said...

di ba maginaw nung weekend?

Anonymous said...

Waw ur back

wanderingcommuter said...

dean: quite during the night time. but we had lots of activitie to keep the body warmth burning. but not that what you are probably thinking. hehehe
geno: yeah. its always nice to be back. hehehe

mazzini said...

Ang ganda talaga sa batangas, lalo na sa Taal,Talisay at Tanauan.

lito said...

ang dami talgang mgaganda lugar, mga mgagandang babae haha at msasarap na pagkain sa batangas
pati dito sa sto.tomas
kaya sa darating na halalan si Arman Sanchez ang iboboto ko, para maibalik at mapanatili ang iba pang mgagandang lugar dito sa batangas
im proud to be batangueno