Monday, September 6, 2010


it was an enormous explosion of countless charge that lingered into everyone's senses. bright and flashing light blinded the dark. while loud music left no chance for silence. indeed, it was the perfect sanctuary for escapes.

for a moment, i caught myself standing in the middle of a great battle, where everyone was trying to win attention. confused of everything that is happening, i didn't let my guard down. for deep inside, i still know my reasons for their whys. although choice could really be that hard to ponder sometimes.

with my age and experience, standing there felt i was an entirely different person. confused, naive and a bit vulnerable. as if the only way for survival was not to look, not to care. being apathetic is a way of marking one's territory, despite the extinction of mere space. its a matter of being the prey or the predator: or someone being or trying to be irrelevant.

i admit, there were countless encounters. familiar faces and even very familiar souls. some i recall, while some i ignore. left me wondering how big the circle really is? how the chains are link?

nonetheless, i just let the vagabonds ship them home. but it just surprises me how they greet each other with smiles, nods and hard shoulder taps; as if they only had coffee and banofee pie from the last.

when exhaustion kicked in, loneliness and confusion poured. then, i've realized this is not the attention, i am wanting--- that i am really needing.

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Mu[g]en said...

Glad I am out of the picture.

Perhaps, permanently.

red the mod said...

It isn't. It never was. What is sells is a mere suspension of reality. But I do miss Malate, if only for the dancing. The wanton abandon of being one with the music. No more, no less.

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

nothing wrong with being needy

odin hood said...

wv: whore

Kane said...

Wandering Commuter, ang intense naman ng post mo! It's just a club, darling, relax.

I guess we all go out for different reasons. What is it you're needing?


Anonymous said...

Malate is a phase, a stage that every one will at one point outgrow but will definitely not forget.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kane.

"It's just a club, darling, relax."


"when exhaustion kicked in, loneliness and confusion poured"

I guess that only happens when you go there with set expectations that's probably not even yours to start with, but based on a notion by a majority.

However, if you go there to dance and enjoy the music, as the default purpose of most bars are, then I don't think you will be lonely or confused, not even frustrated or disappointed. Instead, you will feel satisifed and happy that you enjoyed the night with great music and probably even greater crowd.

People go there for different reasons. Some are there to enjoy the music with friends while some are there to hook up. I doubt that you are there for the latter. So I'm guesing, you probably did not enjoy the music or the company of your friends.

Again, as Kane said it, "It's just a club, darling, relax."