Tuesday, August 31, 2010


before, i always find myself at ease with words whenever restlessness and depression fall.

writing instantly became a friend, capable of all understandings. regardless, how illogical and irrational it maybe. it never complaints nor throw any prejudices. it doesn't give any unsolicited opinions nor advises, that were never asked; it only listens. in short, it became my immediate sanctuary.

but lately, i just find it difficult to compose my thoughts. there were countless days and nights, when i saw myself stuck in front of my monitor screen. long hours of stitching words after words after words. just to find myself erasing them right to the very beginning. until i then realized that theres just this uncomfortable feeling that pulls me back, as if i lost faith and trust to them. words were indeed starting to hide from me. as if i was a stranger to my own thoughts.

thus, i just can't help from asking myself if my words have already betraying me? or if they're just trying to teach me on how to reach them once again. but regardless, i just cannot afford this bloc. not now, not anytime soon.

words, how fragile and illusive you can be.


Chyng said...

if these words are still blank for you, sige saksakin mo na ko. yung english + sentence construction ko pang cartoon network lang. haha

i bet 2 kayo ni YJ ang sasampal sakin. i miss your group too! Ü

mikel said...

kakatrabaho mo yan. mag resign ka na! haha

lucas said...

i'm having the same dilemma... pero ok na siguro yun. think of it as an opportunity to find sanctuary in a different medium. but i understand where you're coming from. writing is very subtle and most accessible form of self-expression. hope the words decide to find you again, ewik.

hirap maghanap ng DVD copy lalo na kapag mga arthouse/international ang genre--kaya lahat downloads sa rapidshare... hehe.

thecuriouscat said...

maybe you're just exhausted, words will find it's way into your mind

Mu[g]en said...

You listen too much to the wind that's why you can't hear the voice of your heart.

Go back to who you were before you expanded your horizons in blogspace, then and there you will remember. :)

PILYO said...

let your thoughts take you where it want to go.

I guess ur too exhausted and preoccupied with so many things. Dnt force yourself to write, u need a break.


~Carrie~ said...

Hi, Ewik.

Every writer goes through this block. Some take a hiatus, while some continue to draft their work until they think it's ripe for publishing.

I hope you sort out through yours.

paci said...

i hope a lot of sleep and food would work out for you as they did for me. =) then write..

the geek said...

weird, but i somehow sense when you are restless or depressed...

a sort of same-birthday relation, perhaps? hahaha

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

parang video game lang yan. sometimes u just have to change the attack. as prolific as you are, i'm pretty sure we all succumb to the big B every now and then. hope it works out! :)