Saturday, September 18, 2010


i miss this.

i miss writing what my lips can not utter.

i miss throwing out thoughts without having doubts and pull backs.

and i miss listening what other people just have to say.

well, i guess, i am just enjoying what i am having.

it definitely makes me think, that not even a second of pause can interrupt; to the point i am forgetting and losing even the few things dear to me.

though not as rewarding as it may seem, it still gives me a sense of fulfillment at each end of the day.

oh no,

it doesn't make me happy.


it makes me feel acquainted with contentment.

and for now, that is all that really matters.

though there are just so much things to tell about,

but as of the moment,

just let me be.


MkSurf8 said...

just let it flow

bulitas said...

summons the beatles:
let it be, let it be

Ex Jason said...

steady lang. =)

kiel estrella said...

di ko masyadong gets pero its always nice to be able to go back to anything that we miss.