Tuesday, July 20, 2010


stop that! don't you know its rude to stare?
i think, i know him.
someone you slept with again?
i am not sure. but more likely.
seriously, do you still know how many have you slept with?
dude, who's counting?
are you flattering yourself again?
in a way. but its more of me, morally telling you, i already lost count.
i guess, i just can't imagine myself standing or passing by someone i just had casual sex with.
you'll get used to it once you have realized its not that bad.
yeah. most of the time, i feel like there is a number of familiar guys in the building i have already slept with?
how did you know?
in the elevator. they would look at me and whisper to each other. then become silent after wards. but i just brush it off.
people from the company?
no.fortunately, i am not yet the whore that you think i am.
of course not. you still haven't had me.
then we both laugh.

i have realized that in this kind of preference, where finding commitment and settling down is almost next to impossible, everything is justifiable. everything has a reason, as long as people are open in listening and understanding it.

for T, i know, being promiscuous is the only chance he has in order to find that impossibility, even if he always remains silent about it.


mikel said...

promiscuity nga ba? o meron pang iba?

Promiscuousity said...

They can admit that their penises are like dials to a broken compass that is why they do not know which way to point it at or they can use me as an excuse.

I am not a lame excuse anyway.


PILYO said...

sobrang makulay naman ang sexlife ni T.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i think it's the only life we know how to live. :c

davidrockens said...

@promiscuousity: tumigil ka! hahaa

--- --

well it don't have to be that complicated.. Freud is right still! lol

Mu[g]en said...

So its justifiable that I count? :P

parteeboi said...

company whore you say? not fun. :)

Anonymous said...

is promiscuity a result of society's lack of recognition of gay commited relationship (like civil union, or domestic partnership)? i'm just saying

wanderingcommuter said...

mikel: tingin mo, ano?

boying: tantanan mo ako, ikaw ang ultimate evolved form ng promiscuousity. so hindi ka na applicable dito. hahaha!

pilyo: gusto sana kita ipakilala kaso hidni siya twink eh. hahaha!

citybouy: question is, do we really know how to live our life?

david: living it simply is far more complicated than living it. alam mo yan! hahaha!

mugen: do you actually count, kuya joms? hahaha!

parteeboi: are you saying by experience?

Jake said...

Gaya ng sinabi ko...

Aabot hanggang moon kung pagduduk-duduktungin mo! LOL

xxxborgexxx said...

interesting. hehe.

xxxborgexxx said...

interesting. hehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

anonymous: i cannot say that its THE reason, but more of, one of the reasons. i guess, for all societies of group of people, individuals should always have something that needs to control them. one way or another.

jake: naku, feeling ko kapag dinugtong mo yan, pwede pa umabot hanggang saturn!

borge: hey hey! long time no read! mustasa??!