Thursday, July 8, 2010


its funny how a flight of steps separated us from the reality that lures the heart of this metro every night.
how the cream of the entree that you ordered tickled my palette while images and questions started playing inside my head.
i could not stop myself from smiling as i looked at your restlessness and how you avoided your own reflection in my eyes.
you were different from what i have expected rather than what i have pictured. but this time around, it would not really matter anymore.
surprisingly, the crowd at the bar was larger than we have expected for a weeknight and the waiters were not accommodating either. so we decided to sit on the side walk, beside the road where the weary also pass by and drank ourselves with each other stories.
strangely, i just caught myself going with the night.
the place, filled with scent of burning lavender and seduced by candle light, was not really something i have in my mind. i was laughing. we were laughing (with the idea that someone forgot to reconnect his utility).
yes, it was romantic.
or perhaps, because it was simply my first.


jepoy dacuycoy said...

yiheeee. belated happy bday ewik :)

engel said...

first date? :)

kiel estrella said...

first beer?

Yas Jayson said...


Jake said...

WTF, virgin? Hehehe...

lee said...

pwedeng makilig? ;))

canonista said...

First.. First love? First puppy love? First... kilig date?

canonista said...

Nice photographs by the way. You took them?

JR said...

Belated happy birdie ewik! all the best ;-)

mikel said...

sweet. napansin ko lang, parang iba ka na magsulat kumpara sa mga nakaraang taon. ewan.

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Abou said...

i sense happiness in your post


Aris said...

inspired ang post na ito. damang-dama ko. :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

tama si mikel. parang there's something different nga. hmm.. sort of like an economy of words? idk whatever it is, i like it. :D

at first ano nga yan? haha first love?

rd sean said...

mukhang masaya to ah, enjoy lng.. hehe :P

wanderingcommuter said...

jepoy: salamat po!

engel: sa edad kong ito, mag aapply pa ba ang first date?

kiel: hahahaha! wish ko lang din first beer. hidni kasi ako manginginom eh. hate ko talaga ang beer! hahaha!

yas: sweet nga ba?!

jake: oo, bakit? may reklamo?

lee: hahaha! pwede naman!

canonista: wish ko lang isa sa mga sinabi mo. nyahaha! nop, hindi po. nalimutan ko lang lagyan ng source.

wanderingcommuter said...

jr: uy, salamat po!

mikel: papaano? at mukhang may nagbabalik! welcome back! hahaha!

abou: kinda. naks sosyal!

aris: mas inspiring kaya mga post mo! hahaha

citybouy: pa elaborate naman po.

rd; tama! ienjoy lang! hahaha!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

di ko rin maexplain eh. parang you use less words but they mean more. ewan.. baka guniguni ko lang. lol