Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the bitchesa experiment: the annoying one

from: ewik (wanderingcommuter@blogspot.com)
to: dabo (atimeforlater@blogspot.com)
cc: blogosphere
bcc: everyone
subject: the bitchesa experiment

may 21, 2008

believe me, i hate starting letters with rants but i couldn't think of the sweetest sugarcoat to start this. so here it goes.

you first came in my notice when you posted something on my blog. it was a complete kiss ass to be honest. but hey, who isn't, if it is the first time, right?

perhaps, i should be even grateful since you didn't ask for exlink like most pathetic bloggers do. so i greatly considered.

but when you began spamming comments on each of the entries i posted, just to get my attention started to become really annoying, especially when you also tagged me names, which i find very unnecessary. call me an egocentric maniac so that i could call you a desperate attention seeker.

seriously, i was never bothered about the problem in marikina river until i saw you walking.

i understand. both of us are relatively new in this terrain and we are trying to find our own fences to fit in but who said we needed one? but sometimes, even fitting in doesn't always have to have the same means, if you know what i mean?

there are differents ways for different circles and different circles for different people. not to mention the fact, that you also need to identify who is who, who is from which, which is which and which is from who.

confused? then lets make it simplier.

blogging is like any other social interaction outside the virtual space. regardless, how we deny to ourselves that we are doing this for our personal gratification, the moment we post something online, it is already a public object, subject to the appreciation and scrutiny of others.

nonetheless, we could not deny that we are delighted whenever we see someone posted a comment on our entries. it is our enthusiasm from having new and maintain current readers that pushes us to check our blog once in a while. it drives us to write and express better.

but having this in mind should not forfeit our personal space. it is still our personal space that is at the top of everything else and whenever someone intrudes that that is where the problem arises.

just like any interaction, humans being social animals still mark their territory, and everyone are bound by that unwritten rule.

if you were able to lure someone or group through being naughty and all that, don't expect the other person or group biting the same drama. the main rule in socializing is being sensitive and the primary requirement is the ability to adapt.

allow me to say a line i once said to a person who has the same attitude as you do:

not all appreciate you?

and so is not all love pekingese toydogs!

i tried my best to understand our differences. i opened myself from all considerations that there could possibly be, but it seemed like my experiences and the faces i have met still fall lacking when it comes to dealing with you. probably because it is you who is not aware, it is you who is not dropping his walls and it is still you that is still stuck with the mindset that you are at the top of the food chain.

believe me, even the highest predators can be knocked off by the smallest and the most bottom creature in the hierarchy.

the world doesn't and wouldn't even revolve around you. so don't expect everyone taking off their pants and running towards your attention because no one actually cares.

and just like a conceited ego, wild grass may be hard to kill, but they are still vulnerable once someone knew how deep and where their roots are situated. don't wait for that someone to dig it up and burn it infront of you.

sorry, if i am being too harsh. but believe me, i could be one of the nicest person you can meet, that is why i am trying to write you this, for you to be aware about the act that you are doing. atleast not for me, but for other people you have met and will meet.

i may never understand what you are going through nor what you've been into, but in life, it is not always about you or me. it is always about us as a whole. so please start trimming yourself, if you want to stay and survive the harsher and windier green terrain ahead.

LA Lopez!

the bitchesa me bitching,

*the following is an experiment open letter, dabo and i thought before we decided to meet up, in order to determine, who is more bitchy between us.


Niel Camhalla said...

I like contests! I think it improves the skills of the contestant.

mel beckham said...

Ang bilis ng response. I'm excited na for the next. I just hope this experiment will be a healthy one.

Buti na lang I never ask exlinks. Hahaha

DN / DeathNote said...

naku, naku. tinamaan ako dito. ouch. T_T

Aris said...

ay, mukhang mas mataray ang response with matching picture pa ng plecostomus! buti na lang charing lang. scary kung totoo hehe! :)

line of flight said...

a blog is just another persona -- like all personas, mas importante not to overidentify, di ba?

Rain Darwin said...

weh ! mas malupit ang reply. sana sa totoong buhay, may sabunutan.

Dabo vs. Ewik

Hmmmm. umiral ang pagiging sugarol ko.

PUSTAHAN ! ako ang bangka ! ano?

Mr. Scheez said...

Ibang klase talaga kayong dalawa. Pero parang hindi ka naman bitchy eh. Honestly, parang big sister ang nagsasalita sa open letter na ito. Hehehe =)

"...even the highest predators can be knocked off by the smallest and the most bottom creature in the hierarchy." -- I actually think that viruses are at the top of the food chain. =)

Tristan Tan said...

I've read both sides. Now, let me declare the winner. Hands down, I am for Ewik. Hehe.

Now let me move to Dabo's blog and proclaim him the winner. LOL.

OMG - am I becoming one of those kiss-ass people online? Yaiks.

Jake said...

Fotah! Ubusan na lang ng lahi!

O kaya ubusan ng lang ng tudyang o paramihan ng buni!

Frustrated Doctor said...

Wahahaha! Di ko mapigilang mapalakas ng tawa sa post ninyong dalawa. You two guys are rocking the blogosphere.

Ganda ng idea ninyong dalawa. Love it!

Jinjiruks said...

bakit kayo lang ang magkikita. hindi ba kami kasama.

efrenefren said...

i love pekingese toydogs, everyone does!

parteeboi said...

my god i got so carried away... i wonder if i have a bitch bone in my body. i guess not.

Chyng said...

"to find out who's the bitch.."
And uhm, you won?! hehe

birthday na ba nya?

ghwace said...

nice one..

line of flight said...

i thought more about this. i wonder if this isn't some kind of parapraxis?

gillboard said...

ang lalim... may pagkasophisticated na bitchy.

nice one..

Anonymous said...

inis kayong dalawa sa mga nagpapapansin? duh! so anu ginagawa ninyong ito? pero in fairness mga tita, orig kayong dalawa ng nasa kabila. malikot kayong mag-isip.

di naman kaya talagang bitchesa kayong dalawa at na susupress lang? hahaha

Jason said...

may pagka-diplomasya pero tagos manalita... sana totoo yan hehe

pie said...


ang taray!!

i suggest you meet sa beach. :)

"what is a beach for, but to bitch around with other bitches"--temptation island

Chuck Suarez said...

parang maspanalo ito!

MINK said...

one word, NAKAKALOKA.

naloka ako sa inyong dalawa, kala ko nag aaway na talaga kayo!

Dagger Deeds said...

Bitchesa kung bitchesa ah!!! Hahaha... Anlakas ng trip nyo.

:: cb :: said...

oh wow! akala ko for real to! hahaha

(enter jolina magdangal) sanay pag-ibig nalang ang isippiiiiiinnn...

Yj said...

shetness... windangerz ang byuti ko... kala ko kung ano na nangyayari...... hahahahaha....