Friday, July 4, 2008

this day

its been ages since i have first promised myself that i will start my life all over. like most of us, i wanted to eliminate or atleast regulate my vices, know my goals and focus into it, improve my good attributes and try new things. but usually, it doesn't happen because of various reasons: lack of discipline and focus are among the top of the lists.

but i wondered, what if everyone has a button in their body that could actually reset all memories and experiences, will you dare press it? will you dare starting all over again---completely?

the idea is not really new especially to those who have seen the movie, eternal sunshine for a spotless mind, where the characters of jim carrey and kate winslet, both decided to erase their memories of one another after they broke up. nonetheless, it is still a very interesting idea to ponder and consider. especially at times when we are really hurt or after a very traumatic experience. but come to think of it, it is also a very risky thing to do. since most of us don't really know the things that we may lose and just realzied after its already gone.

some of us are even hesitant in mere resetting our phones to its factory setting. because we might haven't save important messages or files yet: that we still have important things that we could not afford losing.

probably the idea of starting all over is not really eliminating everything that you want to break free with, rather it is actually carrying them as you go to your new start. for such baggages bring together with you, all the lessons and experiences that you'll need as you proceed in life.

and after realizing all of these, i can say that today is the best day to start it. don't you think?


Niel Camhalla said...

I don't think things have to start in fresh slate. Some things has just to end before other things starts.

On your mark?

odin hood said...

sana parang computer games lang, pwede mo i-reset tapos load ka from your last saving point. and if you know my tough boss ahead pwede ka mag-save muna... hay

dazedblu* said...

how i wish taking chances would be that easy.

the risk is really diff and i think most ppl could imagine themselves into tht situation, but on the other hand it's up to you if yew would be able to start again.

dabo said...

HAPPPY BIRTHDAYY EWIIKKK! Mwahhh! di ka nagreply..di naman ako magpapalibre eh.. huhuhu

dabo said...

at saka may ibibigay pa ako sa iyong book... cheers!

dabo said...

sana di ka nagalit..kasi na-broadcast ko na birthday mo!

odin hood said...



dominic said...

birthday mo daw po!

happy birthday!

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday and may you have a surprising and healthy life!

Niel Camhalla said...

makiki-GREET din ako ng HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ayaw ko makibati kasi you have enough hands naman, i think. hehehe.

mel beckham said...

Happy Birthday Ewik. My gift to u is my virginity. Lol.

I wish that all your wishes will come true. Mwah!

MINK said...

happy birthday kuya!

cobe said...

you're right, it's not about forgetting everything and moving on it's about learning from the past. Because after all isn't a lot of who we are based on our experiences and memories.

oh and happy b-day wanderer

♥nova-san said...

I guess I'm the opposite of most people. I never want to forget one single moment of my life, even those hurtful, painful, or embarassing moments, I want to remember it all. All the moments in my life, good and bad, are what have shaped me to be who I am today, and to take away any little knowledge or memory of my past, would then make me different than who I am now.

Happy Birthday, Lolo Erik!!!

Bino/Geno said...

I always said to people. There is no such thing as starting over. There is only moving on.

Mugen said...

That is why I root for reincarnation. I would like to live again, with all the memories of the past erased from my being.


As far as I know, I have this penchant for starting things over, especially when it comes to computer games. Lol.

wanderingcommuter said...

cobe: well good for you dude. probably, its just inate for people to fancy or desire things outside what s/he is currently at. in addition, probably man is indeed uncontended by nature.
or its just really the circumstance that pushes one to do so.

niel: i promise...wala talaga...
dabo: siguro nga leaving is a fact that we need to start accepting. it is an evitable thing anchored with change and our perpetual quest for development.
i must agree. people should not always carry out the reason of money in leaving. but probably like any other event in our lives. there will come a point that we'll be faced with the reality of practicality over principle.
i just hate it whenever i realize all of these after reading your comments guys. but don't get me wrong i really appreciate it.
don't you consider being a historian as well, kuya dabo?
mel: oo nga pero in a way it indeed justify selfishness. hahaha.

amicus: hmmm. thats actually another good thing to look at it. hahaha. naku, amicus, hidni pa man tayo nakakapag organisa, nalusaw na agad tayo ng poea at ng gobyerno.. hehehe.

novasan: i am actually expecting that comment from you, nova and i am indeed recognizing that fact in me. probably, its just this behavior how people to tend to look for reasons and things to associate their frustrations toward the nearest factor possible to justify an emotion. nonetheless, you are absolutely correct its a matter of respecting and at most supporting whatever decision one will take, especially if its someone near to your heart.

keitaro: Isa pa, there are no goodbyes. Only see you later.:D
you have basically sum it up, dude! kudos

lance: probably its just that some people forget about returning back. and this is something that we need to accentuate.

blackheart: thats the big question nga lang. dagdagan mo pa ng tanong na praticality or principle?

kj: and how long have you been there again?

odin: yeah me too but probably just for travelling or studying... uy, maghahanap ng lovelife sa ibang bansa...hahaha! goodluck!
pwamis yan ha?!!!

mugen: looking at it in a different perspective, its actually a good thing as well aside from the dollar remittance, its also helping us in the country's population explosion problem. just imagine if there are no OCWs, there will be a massive food shortage problem, poverty etc.