Wednesday, July 23, 2008

dark knight too dark

i have been a strong believer of one's decision and free will. for me, there should be no tabboo nor restrictions for whatever man desires. no one should interfere another person's search, quest and enjoyment of his/her happiness. its there life to live anyway: its there own fulfillment to be filled in and own life span to be molded as part of a larger monument. as long as it will not cross another's free will and happiness, it is absolutely fine with me.
but ofcourse, man doesn't completely know what his boundaries and limitations are, especially at times when they are extremely driven by their needs and wants. thus, we have laws, mores and norms created and being implemented. in order for us, to know our responsibilities and obligations as an essential unit of our society.
nonetheless, it is already a given fact that some of these are actually the ones that crosses other individual's sense of self-actualization and determination. probably, by this time, you already know such specifics in your own ways.
yesterday, i went to watch dark knight together with a couple of friends. the film was great! but if you are the typical movie goer for film adaptions of books, cartoon or comic series that expects numerous outstanding visual effects and close to impossible fight scenes, you might get frustrated. the film is more of deep sense and wits. like the batman that we allknow, the movie also displayed a concrete sense of realism and practicality about life. and there was actually one line in the film that moved me.
it was delivered by the character, harvey dent and it says, "i only live by chances. for chances are unbiased: unprejudistic and fair."

if you'll come to think of it, it is actually true. when we make our decisions based on our volition, we tend to be bias with ourselves. we never realized that the decisions that we made, one way or another, affects the will of another person.
for a second, i almost lost my belief there. but in second thoughts, it is still undeniable that we are the captain of our own lives. though our decisions and actions are dependent and intertwined with one another, i believe that there is one ingredient that separate us from others: that is why there are conflicts, compromisions and discriminations. then i realized, the essence of respect. respect that comes in two ways: respecting the rights of other people, in consideration with the decisions that you make and respect towards other people's decisions, from which your rights are not directly affected.


Senses said...

Yes, it's true that we are the captain of our won lives and let God be the anchor. ^_^

God presence be in all your endeavors!

Niel Camhalla said...

"i only live by chances. for chances are unbiased: unprejudistic and fair."

I agree that sometimes we let chance have its way but if that statement is turned into some kind of motto it sounds like a statement of a coward.

WHITE said...

bang bang bang! LOL

to live by chances as harvey dent epitomized is great courage. it's all about taking risks. but then we have to realize that man does not live by and through himself only. still, we are bound by the rules of society in which we live in unless you go to an island and live by yourself and you can whatever your coin says.

PS: Every second of our lives is a decision me make.

jericho said...

the darkness of dark knight is that it leaves questions of what is right and wrong and how do we really judge them to be so ..;)

Turismoboi said...


mawatch nga tongt movie na to

gillboard said...

this is one of the reasons why this movie is the best. yes, it's a comic book adaptation, but it does make you think about life, rules, chaos, chances.



bukas pa ipapalabas yan d2... wala pala maxadong special FX? hmm....

Mugen said...

You have just been quoted. Pasensya na, hindi ako makacomment ng maayos.

Kiks said...

the umph in the film is the fact that it is very human: frail, redeeming, ordinary.

as if evil or good lives among us and it is up to people to decide how to go about it.

the joker (played so greatly by the late heath) aptly put it - that there is no mass hysteria or great panic. only thing to do is reach one man's head and it goes from there. or something like that.

the greatness of the film is so around. very ambient.

if it were a gift, i will keep it.

Anonymous said...

What makes this latest installment so dark is because it has been interpreted and portrayed very realistically.

The superfiction aspect has been almost totally thrown out of the window.

The characters are more human. The conflicts are more truthful. The plot is more socially and politically driven.

No more unbelievable powers.

No more impossible stunts.

No more Gotham... Did you see the typical Gotham?
(It's now very New York.)

Reality is dark. Indeed.

Abou said...

too bad, it will take some time before i could watch this one. walang sinehan dito sa min hu hu

Anonymous said...

Our decisions are really all about circumstances and opportunities. The truth is, there will never be enough opportunity for all. That is why we must grasp every opportunity that comes our way.

xxxborgexxx said...

they switched to chicago. i couldn't care less. they could've taken it to manila for all the smut the film needed. it's the cinematography. watching the joker lean out of a speeding police car isn't exactly original but nolan applied it to a different platform altogether. much of the form isn't original but the function is brutal enough to be totally different it just blows you away. kudos for a prompt entry on the dark knight. i wish i could write my own but my head is still dumbstruck. perhaps i could get my thoughts on it in order this weekend, and write. but perhaps for this one, order is inconsequential.

♥nova-san said...

I love that quote by Harvey Dent, but there is a side of me that also believes that we create our own luck. I'm a control freak and like to take the driver seat with my life, but at the same time, I have found that I cannot always control the roads through which I pass.

As far as free will, I think we should all live as we wish, so long as we do not hurt others along the way. As for me, I have been known to hurt myself in the process just so that I can save someone else's feelings.

Free will is a double-edged sword.

odin hood said...

hehe di ko muna binasa, di ko pa kasi napapanood dark knight eh

the donG said...

yes and every decision has a certain effect. consequences comes after every decision.

pensucks said...

very true! life is like a box of chocolate nga di ba daw? anu daw? hehe

tentaypatis said...

yung linyang yan din ang gusto gusto ko non nadinig ko at pilit nageecho sa utak ko...

Lance said...

"Die a hero or live long enough to see that you're the villain"
This is a very nice movie. I watched it twice.

theTripper said...

im just wondering. isn't it harvey uses a two-faced coin? with that, he knows what the consequence the tossing of the coin would be. that would not be chance anymore.


mel beckham-atienza said...

too much for my poor brain, tinulugan ko ang 'the dark knight'. hahaha!

Aethen said...

That's how we gamble with life. :) But we must take risk and responsibility for the consequences it may result to.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, but I've been reading reviews. To hell with spoilers. Anyway, The Batman movie is more like Frank Miller's version of Batman daw. Will watch it this Saturday hopefully, but I guess I won't blog about it, not if I can help it. hehe:D

the donG said...

kakapanood ko lang ng dark knight. im not satisfied. kala ko maganda talaga. tama nga ang review mo.

enrico said...

i may not totally agree with ur idea about man having no restrictions for whatever he desires. but i do agree in the importance of respect for other people and their decisions. :9

dabo said...


dabo said...

we will experience everything we need in order to feel human, even if that means murder or robbery..

dazedblu* said...

this one heck of a kewl movie. dark knight leaves the character and joker is really evil!

wanderingcommuter said...

senses: amen...
niel: hey, thanks for giving me that angle of the picture. i never looked at it on that perspective.
jericho: wow, is this now a question of breaking the structure that holds our morality? yup, i must agree. it is dark because it something that all of us can concretely relate and watching the film allowed us to look at it, the state that we keep on hiding in ourselves, face-to-face.
turismoboi: bago ka pumunta ng singapore, panuorin mo na. mamaya, hidni pa pala showing dun. hehehe.
gillboard: i agree, not one of those typical movies that you just allow yourself to give in and bring you to the story through special effects, fight scenes and what not:
in batman, it makes you control the movie. in a way, the movie is not actually the one showing in the big screen. but the movie that you are molding in you. naks! ang artsy fartsy!
kj: yup. but its all worth it. on what aspect? see it for yourself, dude!
mugen: hehehe. thanks kuya joms. tap on the shoulder again.
carlo: very very well said! i could not agree more.
abou: its worth it nga kung pupunta ka ng iloilo city! heheeh.
bino: probably i would have never understood this if not for the situation that i am now. sigh!
xxxborgexxx: i think, there is nothing special about the movie, aside from heath ledger as joker and the story/twist of the film. superb!
novasan: i just wondered, what if all people have these mind set. probably, there would be chaos. i think that one way or another, each has to give in to other people's chance. we can never take control or dominance of whatever we desire without considering the right of another. or i am just not that assertive? hehehe.
"Free will is a double-edged sword. "
i am speechless here. basically, this line have put the dot on this topic. very well said, nova!

odin: huwag ka mag aalala hidni ko naman inispoil sa post na ito ang kwento eh. don't you worry. hehehe. so get your ass back here and read it!!! HAHAHA. biro lang. peace!
the dong: as joey ayala said, ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay, magkaugnay ang lahat. nalimutan lang niya sabihin na pati ang bawat desisyon ay makakarugtong din. hehehe.
pensucks: pensucks! to earth. pensucks! hehehe... kukukukukukukukuKONEK?!!!
tentaypatis: napanaginipan mo din ba?

lance: second yan sa list ng mga gusto kong linya. sadly, sometimes, kahit gaano kanobel ang ginagawa mo at the end there are still people who will not recognize what your doing and worst blame you at the end.
nestor mandela as a concrete example.
the tripper: actually sa movie, both faces of the coin are alike. it just so happened na nasunog yung isang side ng coin kaya naging distinguishable na siya. hahaha. don't mean to spoil the movie guys! blame, trip! hahaha

Petitehye said...

Hi Wandering Commuter ...dropping by here to read your recent post ;0 See yah!!!

Ely said...

i didn't like the movie for some reasons, nakatulog ako. LOL