Wednesday, December 5, 2007

100th post

i was in surprise earlier, when i was about to put in my previous post, it struck me to know that i was about to reach my 100th posts(this post being so). so i have decided to celebrate it the typical way---by commemorating it.
as a brief history of this blog, it all 'diligently' started last year when i decided to take a break from law school. if your going to browse back to my previous posts, you will actually read their the hardships that i need to surpass everyday for me to be able to juggle my time as a full time employee and a full time law student. unfortunately, i have learned that whatever push i might tried to myself for me to be able to hit two birds at one throw, there were still things that were beyond my control. that despite a wide array of options that may be laid into you and no matter how tempting those could be at the end of the day you still need to decide to choose and sacrifice one for the other.
i have decided to open up and maintain a blog in english for the reason of coping up with it up until the time i'll be going to law school again. in which, english is the primary medium in communicating. i was scared that time of losing the grip of it by the time i go back. i was very hesitant at first. since english was not really my forte and i am more into writing in filipino. i was really scared of showing my mistakes and gramaticall errors. but i still gave it a try.
what's with the blog name?
when i started this blog, i was actually thinking of either using my pen name which is pulang chico or my name attached with a distinct characteristic about myself. probably nostalgeric, like my very first blog site when i was in college. but at the back of my head, i thought of making it more detached from my old self. something new, something to start with like what was going on with me during those days. trying to cope up with an entire different environment: living alone, managing a very busy schedule, meeting new friends and especially memorizing streets. yes, memorizing streets!
honestly speaking, i am a big loser when it comes to directions and memorizing where to go. usually i would rather take my instict than following street signs and names. i know its my bad. but what i just noticed that even if i follow street signs, i always ended up getting lost. so it was already integrated in me to just follow what your heart says (just to make it more cliche---hahaha).
eventually, i found myself enjoying the habit of 'always' getting lost. i enjoyed it in such a way that i am learning alot among the streets that i haven't gave any notice before i even graduated. true as they say, that true education is outside the pages of our books and the walls of our classrooms. its actually the streets that teaches us real life and that was the time that i have decided to carry on the blog name, wandering commuter. and it proved me indeed that there are wonders when you wander.
as months swiftly passed by, i found myself religiously posting entries atleast twice a week. that despite of my still busy schedule, i was still able to make it a point to post something on my blog. it ranged from my thoughts, events and scenes in my life and among streets that were usually taken for granted. i eventually developed the behaviour of appreciating small and unnoticeable issues that lead to a more higher and complicated topics of discussions.
in effect, i also gained constant readers. although this was not my primary concern, instead it was intended more of a personal journal in order to track down my thoughts about certain ideas to remineace them whenever i wanted to, i am still grateful of having them. for these people in some point gave me the motivation of keeping my blog updated.
as of the moment, i am still thinking of maintaining this blog. because of some personal reasons. personal in a way, that i am still struggling and getting the hang of exposing my personal life to almost everyone. for i am not really a very vocal person in terms of opening my life even to my closest friends. infact, there were instances, in which i needed to edit my entries for several times before deciding to post it. there were even entries that were supposed to be posted here. but ended up being stucked on my email's draft folder because i find it very intrusive. although i know that i am the one who wrote them down. i am still on the process of gradually opening myself to everybody at least anonymously over the internet. then eventually, among my friends. thus, as of now, the wanderings of the wander will still continue to search for remarkable wonders.
happy centipostings for me!!


Marocharim said...


Congrats on your 100th post. I had the same feeling myself when I made my first 100 posts. Then it became 200, 300, 400, 500, then well over a thousand. Too bad BlogDrive apparently shut down, but I just happened to have a web domain of my own.

Change my link (for now) to


wanderingcommuter said...

thanks marx...

hehehe. you are an inspiration, dude. naks

see you sa pasiklaban! sana makaakyat ako ng baguio!

vampire angelus said...

wow. congratulations for having posted your 100th blog. happy centipost to you! ^_^

wanderingcommuter said...

thanks, vampire angelus. by the way you have a very intriguing nick name. hehehe