Monday, December 24, 2007

his tiring work and his solemn resting place

lrt pureza station
10:46 am


gerrycho said...

besides the nice feel bout the subject -- i must commend you for the courage of taking out your camera and taking the picture itself...

i've been always wanting to take out my camera round baclaran area but i feel like it would be a little dangerous to do so... :D

wanderingcommuter said...

well, i'll give you one secret. its how you hold your camera and the stand you make while your taking a subject that intimidates evil to succumb you. hehehe.

just a tip because its christmas. hehehe

gerrycho said...

how about making a topic out of that and elaborating that technique of yours :D

sige na! christmas naman na eh! haha!

mrs.j said...

its all about timing! un lng meri xmas!