Sunday, December 30, 2007

holiday vacation

i have been for a week long holiday vacation for work last week and i just kept on posting pictures to substitute my supposed written updates. excuse my laziness and stubborness.
anyhow, after my last shift, i went to UP diliman's lantern parade and met some of my bedan and baguio friends for our exchange gifts. we proceeded to one of my friend's place after the parade for a party. while we were waiting for our trip to baguio to attend the annual pasiklaban (its UP baguio's counterpart of the lantern parade and the campus version of the mardi gra). compare to the previous pasiklabans' that i have attended to, this year's event was quite passive (due to lack of the appropriate word to describe it), since the campus implemented a stricter rule for booze and smoke (which UP baguio is quite known for during such event). previously, 3 in the morning was just the start of the main highlight. but for this year, you could actually notice the drastic difference with regard to the number of people during that time. since, most of the people either opted of drinking outside the campus or find the event quite boring and went home after the oblation run. though i wouldn't really say that my trip there was a waste, since i have met some old faces from college and even my closest friends. i've stayed there for a couple of days and savored the nostalgic feeling of being a free-spirited and care-free individual(?!) again.after the event, i immediately went back to manila to catch my 6pm trip to bicol. it was already around 11 in the morning when i got into a bus. when it passed beside my former university, flashbacks of college memories just flew in my head and obviously it made me sad. well, college years for me would probably be the best part of my life. i have learned a lot of things even beyond what are thought in the academe. i have met a lot of wonderful people that i still cherish up until the present and even the worst that you would wish you don't meet. while the best part of it all, i have experienced the best and worst things life could offer that better equiped me of what life has stored for me.i've arrived manila 5 in the afternoon. unfortunately,. there were still some important loads that i need to fetch back to my pad (for christmas, obviously). it took me another 10 minutes for me to be able to pack them. i have also unloaded my soiled clothes and packed new ones. just my luck, the taxis in katipunan were as scarse as stars in a stormy night. 25 minutes were wasted just for me to get a crabby taxi and a very opportunist driver who was asking for additional P20 just for a cubao ride. since i was really in a rush, i have no choice but to agree with the deal. but it doesn't stop there. i suggested to take the xavierville avenue then turn left to anonas, so that we'll get to the bus terminal faster. but we where just about to turn right coming from esteban abada, there were already a long pile of vehicles blocking the entire road. so we've decided to turn left instead hit katipunan avenue then take aurora boulevard. although there were quite a number of waits, atleast the road was wider compare to xavierville. but when we reached anonas, my eyes almost fell upon looking how the traffic was. it was undescribable. it took me almost an hour before i have reached the bus terminal. aside from being anxious missing my trip (since there will be a lot of people going to the provinces and i might not get any more trips), the driver doesn't know how to get to cubao from katipunan. argh! yes, i missed the trip. but fortunately enough, since the owner of the bus company was a relative (with all modesty), the driver and conductor were kind enough to offer me the conductor's seat or the seats at the back of the driver's seat. i have reached sorsogon around 10 am already and basically spent the entire christmas holiday.

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