Tuesday, July 28, 2009

are you insecure? then listen to this...

who cares if you are short?
if you are obese?
who cares if you are ugly and full of acne?

who cares if your still single?
if your jobless?
who cares if s/he dumped or left you?

because the truth is,

no one really cares

for the only person who overrate it,

is YOU.

i bumped into this video and basically, it touched me. hopefully, it will move you too.

if your internet's not that fast? then follow it through this:

everybody has their insecurities about themselves.
insecurities about your personality,
about where you come from,
about your family,
about your friends,
about people's perceptions of you,
about what you do,
about what you look like...
our challenge is to overcome all these insecurities
if they don't really mean anything.

i'm insecure about many things,
some of which include
my body.

i'm a short guy,
five feet, four inches,

but for the past two years
i've been working hard
working out
and i think its paid of

i may be
a short guy,
and i may not be the sexiest guy,

but two years has
given me a body that i am proud of

the thing is,
i may have worked out a lot,
like the narcissistic fool that i am

but it doesn't take away all my insecurites.

i am still scrawny guy, and you really can see it
when you look at my ribcage.
you'll notice that i shaved my armpits in the same way that european guys around my gym do
because here in europe that's the common thing, and feel the peer pressure not to be hairy
i got surgical scars,
one right here; its a discoloration on my right arm.
and i've got other scars.
i've got scars here,
because when i was a teenager
i got acne down there
that can happen.
basically, it looks like i've got the state of hawaii right there and guam right there.

i ate a bag of chips for dinner the other day and i ate half a bag of chips today and because of that...

that type of thing doesn't help me get my abs that i want
i never go to sleep enough
you can see the bags under my eyes.
i don't drink enough water
i got a unibrow,
i have to pluck it
and i still have acne.
so i'm insecure,

and when you're naked

you feel especially vulnerable.

most people they aren't gonna see,
all your imperfections
they aren't going to see your scars
under normal situations
most poeple i can deflect from
what i think are my own imperfections
because i'll cover them up
with my clothes.
i'll cover them up with my jokes.
i'll cover them up with my personality.
i'll cover them up with working too hard.
i'll cover them up by being too nice to them
so that they can't see what's wrong with me
and that's how i overcome my insecurities;
by hiding them.

ultimately, i don;t think
i can't get rid of my scars
and if i really want to find somebody
who can accept all of me --- romantically
or otherwise -
then i'm going to have to find someone who doesn't mind my imperfections.


is a challenge, but it requires me

to just let some things go.

so still insecure?

OF COURSE, you still are.

for changing it is a process and not something that you can do over night.

but what is important, is that you just don't use these as an excuse.


♥nova-san said...

It's weird because a lot of people who don't really know me think that I come across as confident and maybe even a bit mayabang - but if those people only knew that I am insecure about everything!

It's also ironic too how we seem to be able to forgive others' personality faults but are so damn critical when it comes to ourselves.

Great post - and so very true - but unfortunately for some (like me), the insecurities run too deep.

Tristan Tan said...

I hide behind my fancy clothes, wallet, and my flashy lifestyle. I guess that's better than hiding behind rags. LOL.

But I like this post, it's so true.

Anonymous said...

awww. parang gusto ko tuloy i-hug yung guy after the video. he looked and sounded defeated.

everyone is insecure. kaniya-kaniya lang na pagdadala yan. and sometimes, no matter how much you psych yourself up or drown yourself with all the self-help brouhaha out there, mahirap siyang tanggalin.

how to overcome it? i don't know. ako kasi, it's more of a conscious effort not to compare myself with other people. pag nagsa-start na ako na gawin yun, dini-distract ko na lang yung sarili ko.

Knox Galen said...

Recognizing my insecurities and keeping them in mind makes me less of a cyborg and more of a human.

At least, those who look up to me and say "you're better" will know that we're not so different.

For there are moments I appear quite weak and vulnerable - just like everyone else.

Chyng said...

not being insecured is a gift! ;D

(walang maganda- sa mata ng insekyora!)

Ely said...

Madami ako insecurities, but not to the point of making a video and post it in youtube like this. Pag ganyan, mas lalo kang talo because for sure, madami pa rin manlalait sayo.

It's all in the mind.

KUng insecure ako sa isang tao, hahanapan ko siya ng kapintasan. Meron at meron yan. At least pag may nakita ako sa kanya na pangit, pantay na kami, ndi na ako ma-iinsecure sa kanya. hehehe. ganun lng un.

Dagger Deeds said...

Nakakatuwa, kasi most people think I don't have any insecurity at all. And, to be honest, I naver even thought about it, kasi ala naman talaga ako pakialam sa iba, hahaha...

Although, recently, I figured out kung anong aspect ng sarili ko ako insecure. At natutuwa naman ako na kahit na yung mga tao na malapit sa akin, di mafigure out kung ano yun...

Luis Batchoy said...

I dig you.

gillboard said...

nice message... parang tinamaan ako dun sa linyang being nice to hide the fact that there's something wrong with me..

Aris said...

this helps. insecure ako ngayon eh. hehe! :)

The Green Man said...

"then i'm going to have to find someone who doesn't mind my imperfections.


is a challenge, but it requires me

to just let some things go."

--- This is just so true and it hit my bull's eye.

Thanks for sharing this.

CubaoBoy said...

kahit siguro c brad pitt may insecurites din. God made us imperfect siguro kasi if we're too perfect we're gonna be so full of ourselves and we're going to be too critical of others imperfections. lets just learn to love what is not perfect so we can have a perfectly happy life! <3

meow said...

im insecure and i've been hiding my insecurities too..

the man in the video said what he do is hide his insecurities, but now its out to everyone. atleast those he mentioned. well, maybe to deliver a point and inspire others

nice post!

argunn said...

my housemate told me ang mga taong hindi insecure ay technically sira-ulo.

Anonymous said...

5'4" ? Hello? maliit na ba yun? HINDI KAYA???

Kahit ilang sunken garden technique pa man yan. Insecurities? Heller?

Haha Joke lang.

I like the last line... "just let some things go"

Diablo said...

it moved me in ways i can't yet explain. maybe never will. but i liked it.

the geek said...

i read somewhere that even the most beautiful have insecurities of their own...

lucas said...

wow... this monologue is very inspiring, and comforting, ewik...

we have so many insecurities, and in most of the time they are the ones that overcome us instead of us overcoming them...

hays... nasan na yung taong yun? the one who would accept all your imperfections, scars, finding that one person is a challenge... but at least we get to learn how to let things go...

thanks for this. i'm moved too. :)

<*period*>; said...

noted po...

Jeremy said...

his cute.

pie said...

amen wandering! i just read through the text and it MOVED me. thank you!!

line of flight said...

its too bad that everything involves appearances. i think his fundamental problem is his over identification with his persona and that will always create some form of insecurity because we are not our personae.

elYAS said...

COOL. this reminds me of the mirror of erised (harry potter). i believe insecurities are born of lack of confidence and self-worth. beauty and all attributes are relative. it's all about how you perceive it. :D

i can't see the video. (ghad, slow ng connections!) but the sentences after it strike. thanks for sharing kuya!

at sabi nga ng kanta.. you'r e beautiful like a rainbow. :D


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm back!!! please visit me again.. http://unicohija.blogspot.com

HOMER said...

Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. :-)

bampiraako said...


Aethen said...

I am insecure about some things but I just don't mind them because some people are also insecure to me (in many ways - but that's not something to be proud of). We should help them to overcome those insecurities - to bring out the best on them.

Great video! Great courage in conveying the message in a monologue video.


Yeah, Im an insecure cow....

Time will come na maoovercome ko rin to...

siguro kung kamukha ko na si Zac Efron.


Anonymous said...

Awww.. We'll always have scars. They never go away. And it will only be 80% of its strength. That's scientific.

red the mod said...

For reasons beyond what my mind can comprehend, and my heart can process, I concede to the fact that often my insecurities threaten to engulf my sanity. Imposing implausible expectations on myself, overcompensating to mask my perceived shortcomings, or generally folding in recluse only to prevent anxiety.

Personally my insecurity does not stem from comparing myself to others, or by comparatively defining my self-worth. If I did, I'd be borderline suicidal already. Mine stems from years of rejection and undermining that ultimately lead to the tacit belief that I am not good enough. I say this not with resentment, but as a realization I try to deal with on a daily basis.

There are better days, and there are those I'd wish I can crawl back into my mother's womb. And this goes beyond the physical, the emotional scarring in fact is harder to come to terms with since it feeds the helplessness of the situation.

Smiling is the best excuse so people won't ask about the tears in one's eyes.

We all seek validation of our self-worth from the people around us. It may not always be the same value or form, but the longing to be acknowledged as a human being is the proof we seek to establish our own confidence. Whether it be the exhilaration of a physical tryst, or the warmth of a sincere hug, the flattering of a discovered friend, or the security of a loved one's hand.

There are more than ten things I can say that I envy about the guy in the video, and ten things that would make me insecure beside him. This shows that even the best of us deal with self-imposed notions that lead to pigeonholing.

But finding my peace did help. Realizing that my humanity can only allow so much, and that compassion and sincerity can bring you further. Maybe one day I'd wake up and find myself no longer a solitary mess, or that the fears have been allayed, or that I am enough. All I can do is hope.

Thanks for this entry.