Friday, August 3, 2007

what will i do with my do?

after nine days straight of work (yes, you read it right NINE DAYS STRAIGHT),
i woke up today thinking of having my hair cut. but i am still confused if i would.

this is what you get if you don't know anything about fashion, you have thick and curly hair and a big head.

it is hard to decide because the do that you want are only intended for straight hair people, some kind of discrimination ei?!
my hair is beginning to grow again and i have maintained it to be short since i left baguio.

now i am really confused.

would i go for the vintage or will i go for the neat?

pictures: (top) taken from my organization's anniversary in commemoration of the first quarter storm during the martial law regime. when i was still in baguio. (bottom) taken from puerto galera with my blockmates in manila.
yes, i smoke a lot but i don't wear shades anymore because i already have my glasses on again. arrghh!


Anonymous said...

anu po work mo? hehe

redlan said...

Okay naman yung mahaba. Malaki na katawan mo ngayon keysa dati so it looks bagay naman siguro. Pero if u think sagabal lang yung mahabang buhok so have it short tulad ng nakasanayan mo.

Ako kasi eversince di nagpahaba ng buhok kasi mainit at lalong umiinit pakiramdam ko kapag tumutubo na ang buhok ko.

wanderingcommuter said...

work ko, i am a contemporary proletariat.. hehehe

oo nga naisip ko din na mainit pero naisip ko rin na ang im confused

Richard Lionheart said...

Hehe :)

Mas okey ang semi-cal...

Looks clean kapag ganun.. Hehe :)

Adventure tayo?

southdude said...

My hair's parted kasi on one side. He cut it para manipisan ng konti then with spiky edges. ayun. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, cute ka pala....hehehe

wanderingcommuter said...


i've just decided.

mag papagupit ako mamaya.

salamat sa mga payo...

tanong naman ngayon: ano kaya ang bagay? said...

ang hot mo sa short hair laham..