Saturday, August 18, 2007

manila, me and playing with words

as the rain started pouring really hard for the past days, it seemed like my mind was also clouded of things to write about for my new entry. it had been days that i caught myself just staring on my blog page and thinking of what to post and ended up without nothing to talk about. not because i have restrained by the rain to go out and look for things to think about but solely because i find the weather really dragging. nonetheless, i have decided to post a new entry today.

earlier, i met my mom because of her 'simple request' of accompanying her to buy something around manila area. despite the fact that she knew that i really hate going to manila. but since it is so often that she would ask for something from me and also being a good and obedient son there is nothing left to do but to abide.

its been almost a year now that i have restricted myself only to places within quezon city, ortigas, mandaluyong and makati, except mendiola since my former school was there. well this is for the very lame reason of, i find it very realist. manila for me has been the epitome of a developing city that was stock in the middle of suburban to urban life-setting and is beginning to fade its hope of moving forward. the entire place has this dark gothicly but interesting mood for me, like batman's gotham city. in which, personal curiousity would push you to step forward to its streets. but its dark and mysterious shade would trigger your instict not to pursue. manila is flourishing with rich traces of its history and vibrant colors of vast cultural diversity. but was covered with dust and ashes of lame promises of modernity and urbanization.

probably what i am trying to say is that manila is something striving to be in between: past and the present: elegance and poverty: simplicity and complexity. religion and crime. it is not in perfect balance but it is
struggling to be near close.

that day, we went to manila and no taxi would want to take us there. since the road passing espana was submerged in flood. so me and my mom decided to take a fx to quiapo.

along the way, you'll noticed the abrupt change of quezon city to manila. the long stretch that begins with a wet and relatively bright road gradually transforming to a dirt-colored floodwater submerged path decorated with plastic wrappers, twigs, leaves etc. as you have passed welcome rotonda.

vehicles are slowing down as they passed the streets. cars and motorcycles were dancing in the middle of the road thinking what street would they pass to avoid hip-height rainflood. there were some who were stranded in the traffic blocking other vehicles to get pass through. just imagine the traffic jam, patience and time that we've struggled to get through. people were just passing through as if the entire picture was just a normal, everyday scence. street children were happily running and swimming through as if for the first time again, they have regained their youth.

i just thought, at times when i despise and wish the rain would stop. there are actually over a million of street children praying at the same time too. pleading for the rain not to stop. because only on this situation they could realize they are still children.


redlan said...

aha, may restricted area ka pala. to be continued pala that's why di ko pa nabasa ang climax. till then.

Bino/Geno said...

O talaga? Mendiola ka? San?