Friday, November 12, 2010


A was looking at him in a distance, beneath a rusty and clamoring roof.

A inspected how genuine his smile was. how innocence poured all though out his lean and well-sculptured body. how he really enjoyed dancing in the rain, as if, he was being showered by all his long lost youth.

A can't stop thinking how truly happy the man was. how rare that moment could be to anyone. how he could be the happiest man during the time; as if nothing has the right to ruin it.

then A suddenly noticed him approaching, wide smile not moving an inch. he grabbed A's wrist and gently pulled him to the drench. he swinged A around, not minding the possibility that someone might see them. he wanted A to share the same happiness he was experiencing.

A smiled.

then the movement stopped. He slowly went close and kissed A. everything melted. then he gave A the tightest hug, whispering behind A's ear, saying how happy he was.

A smiled again.

while inside his warm embrace, A then remembered why Charlie Chaplin loved the rain; for it is the only time people won't notice him crying.


orally said...


yours is the 2nd blog i read today on dancing, kissing and having fun under the rain and i like both entries

canonista said...

This is just nice. I missed reading your entries, welcome back.

iurico said...

I hate you.

I was beginning to like my being single!

...until I read this post. :')

Aethen said...

I don't know why I so can relate with this post. Feels like I'm one of the character. HAHA.

lee said...

love + rain, aaaahhhh perfect combo :)

rico de buco said...

aus ah.. more good articles sir..frequent visitor of this blog sir..sarap mgbasa at tumambay dito

Dori and Auj said...

drama ever! :) nice one.

dabo said...

hindi ko binasa hahaha!!!! kung nasan lupalop ka man ngayon mr komyuter, magpasalubong ka naman.