Thursday, November 11, 2010

the eighth brew

funny how things are going with me so far.

reading my entries several months ago, made me realized how much i have been ranting with how unfulfilling life had been going--- work wise. how monotous it had became that it already became a stagnant routine, almost draining all the life energy in me, making me almost surrendering with such hopelessness.

now, i find myself sitting on an empty hotel bench, infront of a beautiful pool with a turned on jacuzzi above, while having a good smoke, my eigth cup of kalingga brew, and a laptop sitting on my lap to actually boast everything--- just kidding!though back in the metro, i am still trying to desperately ask friends to do my enrollment for it is only up within the week. but time is so rare nowadays, that i cannot afford to include such in the things that i am presently thinking. so i am letting my years of friendship to do the magic.

actually, i still cannot say that this is the best job for me. but i am trying to love it--- enjoying it! besides, its not really common nowadays, to have profession that travels a lot, meeting new faces, hearing different stories and experiencing a totally different breathe.

(huwag lang tayo pupunta sa usapin ng lovelife dahil nanununtok na ako lately sa usaping yan! hahahaha!)

it was our last night in baguio. friends were texting for a meet up, for catch ups. but unfortunately, the demand to prepare for our next trip was that heavy that i have to sacrifice some invitations. it was infact, depressing not to meet friends that you haven't seen for a while--- dear and close friends for that matter.

i guess, baguio already had placed itself within me that it is already hard to set it aside. memories, regardless how minute and embarassing they maybe, constantly haunt and remind you how life slowly molds you to an entirely different individual; whether you like it or not . well, i guess, change is indeed inevitable, never easy and we just have to suck it up--- hopefully, for the better.

the following morning, i woke up by a call in my phone. i sluggishly reached and answered it.

"sir, si malou po ito. nandito na po kami ng driver. san po namin kayo pupuntahan?"

i just told them to meet us in the mezzanine for breakfast. then i asked my partner to use the bathroom and prepare first, while i hurriedly pack my things. after packing, i approached our room window and made a last glimpse to the metro and its rare vacated morning.

then i silently whispered, "someday... someday."


kalansaycollector said...

nakakalungkot nga kapag nasasacrifice minsan ang friendship. sa thread nga namin ng mga hs friends ko sa fb, may nagcomment na ng "what happened to us?" dahil sa sobrang busy hindi na kami nagkikita. :s haaaays.

anyway.. hmmm ano trabaho mo? :) infairness sa trabahong hindi kulob sa office, ibang klase ang lessons na naituturo. :)

engel said...

i think i told you this, on the bright side, at least your work lets you travel. something alot of people would kill for. :)

iprovoked said...

I'd love to have the kind of job you got. You're right, it's rare nowadays, except for the field reporters and researchers, I guess. Continue what you do best. Wish you well Sir! :]

♥N said...

Hmm... so many advantages and disadvantages to a job that allows you to travel. This reminded me of that movie, Up in the Air, except that with you, you want to connect with people, while George Clooney in the movie preferred traveling over having real relationships.

The one solid advantage I see, is that you are filled with stories to post on this blog. =] But I hope you can find that balance and have some time with your friends. Friends are priceless.