Friday, October 8, 2010

free (boys) will

the other day, i was riding a bus on my way home. as usual, the traffic was as slow as molasses, especially around that time. but i am not complaining.

if there is one thing that i am looking forward, it is that part of the day--- going home. but it is not the actual part of being home that i am fond of rather it is the commuting that keeps me want to leave work early. for it is the distance between my office and home, where i could have a silent time for myself; contemplating--- thinking of random things.
then while i was looking at the window, i saw a group of kids in the middle of EDSA in front of robinsons pioneer. they were standing beside a slowly moving taxi, looking inside. the driver tried shooing them away. but in a snap, they immediately opened all the doors and tried searching for something. the passenger panicked and grabbed all his possession. perhaps, without anything to be picked, the kids ran and scrambled away from the vehicle.

(days after, they were identified as the hamog boys, a part of the bukas-kotse and salisi gang.)

from there, i wondered, where their parents could be and how they became a part of this.


a little over a year ago, i came to realize that there is no sense of arguing when it comes to religion. beliefs are just not easy to rationalize nor be bend since this is something that we carry on from the day we could remember and passed by our generations. thus, i always opt in avoiding such discourse. gradually, i have realize it is just a waste of time, not to mention that i am self confessed agnostic.

as cliche as it may sound now, i never allowed myself in losing my faith on a higher being. for me, as long as science has not yet overcome its limitations, i will still hold on to that single reason why we are all here. but my doubts and uncertainties lie on the institution that claims to represent it and from here i refuse to elaborate further.

i grew up strictly catholic. brought by catholic schools. raised by prayers and molded by the teachings of the bible. and if there is something that i learned and still hold into, right to this very moment, it is the concept of free will.

Thus, today, i am making an exception. for the simple reason that i value my freewill more than my default religion.

i believe that free will was given to us, not by any whimsical reason nor as an outcome of being rational. it is there for us to write the distinct tales of our lives regardless of what the ending may be. it is our choices, options and even the circumstances that weave each strand of our individuality.
to conclude, free will is bounded by the options one has, and to deny that option is simply to deny free will. thus, above everything else, denying that very choice is denying our very own faith.


Anonymous said...

ako din. pareho tayo. yung pagcocommute ang nilolookforward ko tuwing papasok at uuwi. kahit super hirap makipagsiksikan sa MRT.

natutuwa ako manuod ng mga taong naglalakad. parang ang sarap nilang gawan ng kwento. :)

PILYO said...
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PILYO said...

dapat kasi kung tatakay ng taxi, ila-lock ang lahat ng pinto.

at kung may mag-aayang makipag debate sa religion, tulugan mo na lang, makakarating ka pa sa wonderland.

ano kaya hitsura ng tulog ka tapos ang ka-debate mo halos maputol ang litid kapapaliwanag.

hahaha random din ako noh?

PILYO said...

sorry mali espeling, typo error si soltero kasi umagang umaga nagpapalibog na naman hehehe.

red the mod said...

I relish commuting. There is comfort in the act of moving, transporting, without actually moving oneself. But before I commute, I would walk, by slowing my pace, I take in more of the city. Every incongruous detail, eccentric element. I take it all in.

I, too, am agnostic. Not because I do not believe in religion per se, but because I believe in free will more. To each his own, the path to spirituality is as myriad as men.

Kakatakot naman. I always pry the area of Pioneer en route to the apartment.

mikel said...
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shenanigans said...

ganun din ako... habang umuuwi naka upo sa bus nakadungaw sa bintana dun nag iingay ang utak ko.. maraming sinasabi maraming gustong sabihin.