Tuesday, April 13, 2010


the other night, i suddenly woke up in the middle of my sleep, catching my breath and unable to move.

"this is familiar," i silently told myself, "i am having a bad dream again."

i tried recalling what it was. grabbing the chance while its still fresh. you see, i have a theory that dreams, mine in particular, only last for a couple of minutes.

so i dived in and there it was, just about to vanish.it was a man with a familiar face. probably in his late 50s. he was knocking on my room's door. it was just when i opened it that i remembered who it was. but before i could even name him, he aggressively tapped his right hand on my door and pushed it with all his might. of course, the initial reaction was to push it back too. but despite his frail physique, i found it hard to close it.

then i saw myself opening the windows and jumping from our neighbor's roof. i could still hear him calling my name and laughing. when i looked back, he was already at my back, chasing me. i don't really know why? actually, i really didn't bother asking myself about it. it was as if i knew what his intentions were, despite the fact its almost impossible. then i reached a dead end and the only way was to jump down the ground, probably around ten foot high, that will lead to the main street of katipunan.

i knew it was just a dream for everything seems to be surreal. but just like any dream, i just can't stop myself from believing it was real. so i made the jump. then i felt that slow mo fall that usually leads to that sudden jerk. and there it was, my leg just involuntarily made a kick and i guess it was that kick that woke me up.

i tried moving my smallest finger toe. i remember my grandma told us when we were little, to always try moving that finger toe when we find it hard to move after waking up from a bad dream, and just like that night, it usually works.

i reached my phone. it reads 4:25 am. still early to rise and still dark outside. but i suddenly felt an undescribable thirst scratching my throat. it was as if i forgot how water taste and felt like. so i went downstairs to fetch a glass.

the sala was still dark and the only thing that illuminated the place was the sheer light coming from outside. gently, i carried my feet as i picture where the water dispenser was, in my head. when all of a sudden, a large shadow appeared from the dark. i almost throw my heart out.

then the light turned on. it was my land lord, who just came out from the john.

"why are you already up this early?" he asked.

"kukuha lang po sana ng isang basong tubig." i answered.

he walked straight to the fridge and hand me a bottle of cold water.

"ayan. kunin mo na yan. ibalik mo na lang mamaya."

i smiled as i reached for it. then quickly ran upstairs, closed and locked my door with my heart heavily pounding.

it was then that i have realized that my landlord was the man in the nightmare.



Anonymous said...

creepy or kinky wahahaha


wanderingcommuter said...

not even close to that dave... believe me... hahaha!

iurico said...

gosh, katakot naman si landlord. parang sumusulpot lang out of nowhere.

sabihin mo kaya sa landlord mo na bakla ka at ang mga bakla hindi dapat binibigla! hehe.

comfort nalang kita ng hug ko.

engel said...

creepy indeed. yish.

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. mwwwaaahhh!

Elias Jayson said...

naihi ako. packingsheet.

bwisit! said...

hmmm interesting...hahaha

♥N said...

Ha! That's enough to make me move somewhere else!

wanderingcommuter said...

iurico: hay naku, forte ata niya yun. theres this one time i went home late bag bukas ko ng pinto si lolo naka brief lang at naglalakad sa dilim! nyahaha! thanks!

engel: sinabi mo pa...

elyas: grabe naman! nyahahaha!

bwisit: thanks for dropping by...

nova: misshu!

kalansaycollector said...

waaaah happy halloween.

Chyng said...

anu be, si landlord pa talaga.
wait lang, it reminds me of the call center agent sup na nagsuicide sa apartment nya. ha ve u heard? taga travelport..