Tuesday, August 22, 2017

intellectualizing sex

L came to a point wherein he just want to fuck around. no expectations. no complications. easy.

L meets them up. go somewhere private. no more talking. just undress.

no need for staring; for appreciating. L has no time. he just need to satisfy his urge, which he thinks might be his own curse.  

skip the gestures. no kissing. no hugging.

L goes down. flips. moans. screams. clings. everything he needs to know how.

L turn his back. he cannot know. he cannot remember. L hates why he have to think about this. why does he need to rationalize this?

L feels the grip growing stronger. L moves faster. L loosen up the grip. it hurts. L breath shorter. L chases the rush. he feels the rush. until finally L surrenders and catches a half sigh.

then L stands up and put on his clothes. he opens the door and dashes his way out without turning back. after several steps, he leaned flat on the wall and firmly pressed his hand on his chest.



he was just in time - before the next beat.


citybuoy said...

I like how you put fucking in a space that can only exist between heartbeats. The paradox is it's a basic human urge that can sometimes feel so un-human. Very thought provoking!

owen said...

hello kuya kumusta active ka pa pala..
add kita sa roll ko ha..