Thursday, May 23, 2013

ten interesting things that makes me smile

how you would try stopping yourself from stopping me in experimenting or putting too much in everything i cook

how you would always discreetly watch, wait and catch me as i slowly sneak in my bed after a heavy meal then nag me the entire day

how you will wait for me the whole day and surprise me with a festive dinner (but also makes me sad because you are such a great cook!)

how you would always move away and just wait outside a grocery store just because you are too embarrass to buy "that"

how you would look at me while i am sleeping; completely having no idea that i am actually staring back at you

how you would be masungit when i am sweet and sweet when i am masungit: and realizing that being on the same state makes us a disaster to each other

how you could be as paranoid as i am about possibly overdoing so many things about us

how you would stop me from locking the door whenever i use the bathroom

how you will giggle whenever you recall the etymology of “kums” and “wabs”

and lastly, how you will probably smile after reading this 


thank you for staying and showing the strength in what others had given up to


red the mod said...

Yihee! I didn't know you're already with someone. So happy for you, Ewik. :)

Kane said...

Diyos ko, ang mushy!!!!!!!! Umayos ka! Hahahaha.

Pero, seryoso. Nakakatuwa. =) You found love!!!


citybuoy said...

kaya pala matumal na! hihi so happy you're smiling again. :)

Nate said...

yun oh!! :)

Mamon said...

ayii nakakakilig :D

JM said...

Never saw you this mushy before. :) I'm so happy for you.

pip said...

So eto na ung bagong entry. Hehehe kilig @bottomengineer :)

Chip said...

Yay!! Top 3 na lang ako sa pagka-mushy!! Ikaw na ang top 1, si Poi ang top 2. Hahaha!! :D


kalansaycollector said...

ay kaya pala hindi na masyadong nagpopost..

haha inggitttt much. :p


Blakrabit said...

hmmm... love is in the air! Pasinghot nga at nang mabiyayaan din ako!

May sweet side ka din naman pala.

ZaiZai said...

ang sweet :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Pakisabi, hindi ko pa naittikman kahit ano sa luto nya maliban sa breakfast prito. kaya wala akong masasabi sa pagiging "great cook" nya. lol

Natawa ako kay pads. Sorry sya na number 2. wala nako sa top 10. lol

- poi

thecuriouscat said...

landeee... may alam pa ako ng pang 11, 12, 13... lol

Nomad said...

This made me smile :)

GENE-use said...

Hi there, I was browsing through my archives and saw that you actually commented once so I checked your blog and see what's going on.. This is sucha sweet post! :)