Monday, August 31, 2009

warning: just a warning

nowadays, it could not be denied that its easier to find sex than to look for love. perhaps, because the investment is lesser, gains are more instant and the society is more tolerant and liberal with it compare from before. in addition, men have even devised and still devising various set ups in order to separate sex from love, which has been conservatively paired to each other since time in memorial.

men are resourceful by nature and perhaps that is the same innate attribute that helped us to survive and reigned the natural course of evolution. and i think the same follows, whenever a social evolution kicks off.

when an individual is deprived and repressed from his natural drive, for this instance, sex and love, its inevitable for one to establish a common venue, where people of the same sentiments meet and actualize these needs.

but most of the time, it is not as easy as that. for there will always be those who are outside this circle that will use all possible means to maintain the traditional order of things or just for their own personal advantages.

yesterday, i was smoking outside the college building, waiting for my class to start when my best friend approached me with a surprising news. she told me about this guy who was found dead inside his condo, which happens to be just a block from my place. he received multiple fatal stabs in the chest that caused his death. though the police's initial theory was robbery. since there were a number of items missing. but what was surprising was there were no signs of forced entry, implying that the victim actually knew the killer.

my friends and her colleagues are specualting that this may be another hate crime case against homosexuals; specifically bringing up the issue of the alleged serial killer who is/are targeting gay men in quezon city.

"Around three to four years ago, if I'm not mistaken, several gay men were found dead via multiple stab wounds in their apartments around the Quezon City area. The victims included a fashion designer, TV producer, hair stylist and many others. There were rumors that have remained unconfirmed until now that one of the killer's victims was, in fact, a priest."

personally, i don't believe that there is a gay serial killer on the loose because in believing so, we are promoting panic and not really helping at all. i presume the culprits are different individuals who are targeting the vulnerability of most homosexuals and taking advantage of it.

you see, sometimes, admit or not, regardless of gender, intense sexual urges or taglibog make most of us reckless. mere unprotected sex is already a good indication of this.

again, i am not posting this entry to preach. but just to remind everyone to be at least be cautious. for life is too precious to be wasted by mistakes, that could have been avoided by proper precautions.

*thats it for now, i still have a trip to catch. ciao! ciao!


GENE-use said...

masyado na talagang mapusok ang mundo ngayon. haaay.

well, anyone who wants to be safe will do precautionary measures (to be safe). and i mean "safe" in every single thing he or she does (hehe).

line of flight said...

one of the problems with dissociating sex from emotions is that the risk inherent in "sex only" including the threat of a serial killer only increases the erotic tension of any "sex only" rendevous. the protection against a "gay" serial killer is to integrate sex and sexuality into the rest of one's emotional life.

Trip said...

i think not all of the time that people who detach emotions from sex are increasing their risks of unprotected and/or dangerous sex. i think its the other way around. if one is putting his emotions down, it must be that his mind is taking in control, thus if this is the case he must be very cautious. BUT sex could be a result of heightened emotion. that makes it risky.

love just like sex is as dangerous when one put most of his emotions into it.

"intense sexual urges or taglibog make most of us reckless". that is the same with LOVE.

moral: in sex and in love, always be wise. :)

engel said...

that's scary. yep, with anything you do, gay or otherwise, we really should be careful and not let our libidos do the thinking.

Chyng said...

guard youself.

i have a friend, picked someone up sa Nakpil. (ang kati!)
after ilang mins, naglabas ng patalim yung pinickup nya at binugbog sya. nakuha ang ipod at wallets nya.

yan kasi, wag na pumick-up pag uwian na.. ;D

ELAY said...

tsk tsk tsk tsk naisahan si badet

efrenefren said...

He was once my teacher and a great one at that. :(

Aethen said...

Winton Lou Ynion, is a fellow AYLC.

Here is the news article on Winton’s death:

Man killed in QC condo in possible robbery -

And a brief, dated bio on Winton (which I found online):

Winton Lou Ynion, 19, graduated cum laude from West Visayas State University and was heralded as its most outstanding graduate for the year. He was a U.P. National Writers’ Workshop Fellow for Filipino Poetry in 1999. He has published his stories in FilMag and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and is currently pursuing his M.A. in Filipino.

Yj said...


thanks papa ewik....


That's a scary news you've shared.

It's really difficult to trust people nowadays.

parteeboi said...

i like this entry. this has a lot of truth. this is very true and striking. unprotected sex is indeed an alarming manifestation about how dangerous our lifestyle is.

makes me think on, "what have i so far done with my life."

炒米粉Ken said...