Tuesday, February 22, 2011

someone from the north

*free writing

i am in a place far away. always in transit; nurtured by hellos and farewells. but at the end of it all, it still leaves me wondering, what am i really looking for?


there was uncertain silence for every uncertain questions i threw.

but what i only know was he lives in a very remote tribe village in the north. a community, wherein time have already forgotten them. the thought of poverty as their dish served on empty plates and cold corruption as their resting beds.
then he looked at me. his eyes, a bit shy. clearing his throat and composing every words he was about to utter. he smiled again and made his eyes disappear in a dark uplifting arc.

then he said,

i don't know.

perhaps, i just go somewhere ---away here. i already 27 years and done all works just to find i really want. construction, farming, porting, even assistant pastor.

what i experience, i guess never find answer here. so if my response convince you that i true, then, you'll think that i am to do any job regardless small or hard it be. at least, i can something to start.

in an ordinary conversation, the uncertainty and softness of his words can just simply leave someone asking, what did he just actually said?

but for me, the word escape instantly appeared.

in a way, he kinda reminded me of myself a couple of years back or even until now. he made me realize how fortunate i still am and introduce me to the pettiness of my day-to-day rants.

i don't know how am i going to tell it to my boss. if i will lie and tell him he is qualified just to give him that favor. but after we shook hands, i figured that i just cannot stain the honesty of what he said. so i totally told everything to my boss.

and for some weird reason, he understood where the both of us were coming from. hence, i was so surprised when he asked me to contact him again and ask him to go with us to manila by the end of the month. i will find something that he can do and take him as a secret company scholar for a course he always wanted to get--- criminology.

i must admit it definitely gave me goosebumps.

for this lad at least gave me something to hold on; a small piece of what i am really looking for. i may not know what it really is for now. but it feels like i already made my first step going there--- wherever that maybe.


emmanuelmateo said...

in that 27 yrs of age, i can say cguro marami na siyang naranasan..

Yj said...

:)) yeeeeeeeees, i didn't know na may pagka Rosa Rosal ka din pala...

akala ko isa ka lang Celia Rodriguez...


dabo said...

nakikikita-kita ko sa yo si lady gaga..at sya naman si maria aragon

maybe baby you are born this way...

dabo said...
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Mu[g]en said...

Oh my, nag-aalaga ka na ngayon Wiwik? Masyado ka pang bata! Give yourself 10 more years bago mo pasukin ang career na ganyan! Lol.

Ganda ng picture!

Spiral Prince said...

i hope you eventually find what you're looking for, ewik. :)

kalansaycollector said...


i love dream talks. kasi everything is possible. :) then you take risks and leap...

pak! :)

Kane said...

Wow, you offer scholarships pala Ewik. He must have been pretty ecstatic when you told him the news, eh? =)


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