Tuesday, January 18, 2011

peter pan's shadow

youth is like a drug, that can sometimes be addicting and rebellious.
but it is not anchored upon any numbers or experiences. it is popularly determined by one's notion of idealism; trying to break traditions but at the same time, driven by carelessness.

several nights back, i heard my window rustled as cool breeze trespassed my room. the presence was overwhelming. it felt as if it was full of ideas and very determined to playfully outwit fate. it presented itself normless and drove my hormones into the corners they seldom venture.

but as we blossomed passion in thin air, i secretly found out something it kept for the world not to discover--- a shadow full of fear that was driven by uncertainty.

suddenly the image took the form of a kid. a child, who is also scared of tripping and getting hurt. definitely pretentious that it kept me wondering, how many times it cried? how many times it felt so helpless? and the number of times it promised itself never to feel that same feeling again?

then at the break of a rare chirpless dawn, while i was trying to gather my consciousness, the image vanished with a promise of coming back. but i asked myself, how can someone promise returning if s/he is even scared of a hard fall? how can someone soar high if s/he is too afraid at looking below?

suddenly, from the corner of my room, i heard a soft and mellow cry. and as the image arose, i realized that pages of a book was actually unfolding in front of me. it seemed like, in deed, another shadow decided to leave from its peter pan.

it slowly approached me, wondering if it could trust a conversation. so i took the queue. and from there, i completely understood.
if there is one thing i've realized from all the experiences i had, that is risk may take all forms. but its in its uncertainty that leads life to its actual destination. it may never be a wonderland at the end but it would definitely be something worth living for. no one really said that being young assures us of not getting hurt. in fact, it is actually on that condition that leave us most vulnerable. hence, never be scared of falling because it is on that dive where the real life starts.

its never bad to be a peter pan. to soar life with all its heights. but one should later realized peter pan is only a product of our own delusions, that our youth will never betray us. because at the end, we are all like wendy, michael and john, who will be just old characters, watching as another sets of youth take their chance of realizing how is it to be young.


red the mod said...

Youth affords us a lot of things, not all could be considered positive or productive. We tend to be overly emotional, utopian, incredulous, and self-absorbed. But also, brave, passionate, liberal, and ultimately unjaded.

We create our own definitions of youth, it's never numerical or progressive, nor intellect-derived and quantitative. It is amorphous, and irreconcilable.

Here's to youth!

Mu[g]en said...

The moment you get scared to jump is the time youth has finally soared, leaving you behind.

Anonymous said...

kudos to being a youth!

thanks for stopping by on my blog, please do come again....

please follow me, and mind if we xlinks? :)

♥N said...

It's really a puzzling thing, how fear never escapes us. It follows us all throughout our lives, having been born from the childlike instinct to protect ourselves from getting burned.

But throughout our life, we also learn that in order to fly, we have to first that initial leap of faith.

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

creativity knows no bounds. it is our humanness that allows us to grow older (or die like the Little Prince).

emmanuelmateo said...

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Luis Batchoy said...

Young age is such a liability, but old age a handicap. The grass is always greener on the other side, and more and more, I find that it is not true what they say, that there is wisdom that comes with age. It's more like, stubborn bullheadedness that does. If there is folly in youth, then there is anal retentiveness in old age. Some are just too adamant to admit. Oh well...

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

OMI... i so love this entry..

and i agree that peter pan is a product of our delusions but at the end of the day, we're all like wendy, john and michael..

cheers to being young!!

Guyrony said...

For sooner or later we realize that we did value youth but it doesn't mean we still want to obtain it.

dabo said...

sa chatbox mo, people are starting to use "po" hahahahahahahahahaha

(isa pa)


wanderingcommuter said...

red the mod: ditto! cheers!

mugen: aww sad but so true!

t.r. no problem!

n,hence, never be scare to do that smart leap... fear is inevitable but suffering is a choice. san ko nga ba nabasa to? hehehe.

line of light, noww i wonder, what if peter pan meet the little prince, ano kaya mapag uusapan nila?

luis, this is the saddest comment i got for this post... cheer up!

c-e-i-b-o-h, hey thanks! so ienjoy mo habang bata ka pero always try to make the smartest move.

guyrony, youth as we know it passed without us noticing it.... we just have to both enjoy and lear from it.

dabo, huwag kang mag alala dahil kapag sila naman ang mag comment sa blog mo...mamano muna ang mga yan! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

who is peter pan?

he is the god of the cosmetic surgeons.



Abou said...

if in any way we felt that youth has eluded us, let's take all the lessons and wisdom as we go along.

kalansaycollector said...

"no one really said that being young assures us of not getting hurt."

loved that line.

anyway minsan iniisip ko san ba talaga ako mas takot, ang mamatay o tumanda?

er mas takot yata akong mamatay ng hindi nalalasap ang pagiging bata. and well tumugma yung latest post ko about my childhood and all. so parang sabi ko sa pist na yun mukhang nalubos ko naman... hehe and up to now im still child at heart. :)


forever young galore! ;p

Nielz said...

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Spiral Prince said...

All hail the battle-scarred youth.

russ said...

i don't wanna be young forever..hehe..
please add me to your blogroll.. i already added u.. visit me back..thanks..

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

is it wrong to want to be like peter? to leave the idea of wendy et al behind. there is a sort of comfort in the possibility of change suspending.

or or or.. is it wronf to want to be like tinkerbell? lol

Chyng said...

walang forever dyosa. kaya wag masyadong magmaganda yung iba.

di ba PO dave? ^_^