Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Urge

Suddenly, there is that urge to write again. 

So many things have happened over the past three years since the last time I posted here. Sadly, all of it I have not documented. 

Sure, there are photos, videos and some lengthy posts in my social media platforms, once in a while. 

But somehow, it still failed to capture the entire picture of why I recorded that experience and why I wanted to share that story. 

The emergence of various social media such as Twitter, Instagram etc. made everything faster and more convenient. But I also think, it also made our personal expressions incomplete, directionless and shallow. 


Few weeks ago, I unexpectedly chance upon this blog - my blog. 

As I read each entry, I found myself smiling as I was reminded of who I was before and who I am now. 

To be honest, I stopped blogging (and sketching) because I told myself am in a better place now. 

Perhaps because I have always found doing both to be too emotional. And for me, unchecked emotions can easily lead me back to dark places. 

But now, I have realized that as emotions can make one vulnerable, it can also make you stronger once you fully embrace it. 

Thus, here I am attempting to wander for wonders again but with a different lens now. 

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